The "100 liter a week" script

Ok ill bite, whats up with dozens of people all asking for 100 liters a week cat2 ? Then suggesting some exploitive price 4800-7700
Are they all trying to be the middle man on the same order? Or perhaps rippers trying the ol “honeypot” technique? We dont deal with the public as far as sales but the amount of this inquiry peeked my curiosity.
Anyone else deal with this?


I hear it all the time and when it even gets close to actually among to meet the people who can make decisions that’s the end of it. I got asked about a 1k liter order bi weekly today, onone understands what it takes to produce that and prices are so low it’s all going t pens and wsibles


In my experience its just brokers trying to make a killing on a deal. We ran into a lab that needed to out source from another lab because of capacity. Said lab sent a loi and POF for 9k a liter to 5 brokers and they all adjusted it and changed it to 7k a liter to try and hit that home run. I’ve found that unrealistic numbers are usually by brokers trying to make a killing on a deal. OR The buyer used to buy 100 liters for a low number and since the market has gone extremely high people still are looking for those low number


My .02 here, make a product with your distillate and market it. You won’t have to produce as much dailey, plus that $7000 liter is worth so much more as a product. Produce it cheap, use it in house, less effort, no middle men, better quality control, almost the same profit of turning out wholesale liters.


I haven’t met any brokers who are the real deal yet, I’m sure there are 3 or so out there who are. The ones who are people I actually like, I am willing to help them with their training wheels and navigate the reality of the industry landscape. They know nothing about manufacturing -which is why they are brokers- so they just repeat things they have heard elsewhere. Now-a-days when someone requests 100L a week I politely tell them to take a hike.


Agree 100% I do all carts and etc. about as often as Haley’s comet I do raw liters


I’ve gotten the same requests too. I have some speculation that its also people that are generating proposals/decks for investors and are just probing for prices to plug into their models. If you really want to vet them, ask for whatever license they hold and set up an escrow account for them to put their money in to prove they are serious buyers. That will send most fake/non serious requests running.

a little blurb on escrow accounts here. How Escrow Protects Parties in Financial Transactions


I’m virtually positive its a hedge fund gauging industry capacity. I got the point of “talking to the buyer” only to find the call in a FAR TOO NICE board room. Once we started asking questions of what they were using it for, they got all wobbly and couldn’t answer basic questions.


It could also be a cover for investigation into who can produce that amount, and if its properly being tracked via local law… My requests were from a delivery service in California, I’d be interested to see where the other requests have come from. Anyone care to share?


I would be surprised if it wasnt Canopy, Meridian, Ianthus, or ArcView doing a study. Same with that 500 kilo Isolate order two months ago.


Honestly its a pretty large request if the entity requesting that amount doesn’t have an established brand/outlets. 100L a week is around 840,000+ half gram cartridges a month with 5% terps or a literal TON of edibles.

Thats around 42,000 cartridges that need to be filled a DAY in a 5 day work week. Anyone with any operations experience knows it would take a huge workforce (or advanced automation equipment with a flow wrapper or other high speed packaging device) to fill and package that many cartridges. If that person was brokering to 10 other people, thats 4,200 carts a day that would need to be produced by each outlet to go through that oil. Seems more doable with a brokering outlook but still very, very fishy.


Very fishy indeed !!
LOL clowns asking for 1000l a week are you kidding me :joy: I just walk away or ask politely for them to remove my contact info and refrain from reaching out in any way lol !!! Maybe in 2021 those numbers might be relevant to production capabilities for the present day lol but sorry not this week.

haha i have heard the most ridiculous requests over the last three months, comical to say the least. Although it has made it easy to weed out the money hungry dummies!!! :raised_hands: To all hunting that elusive unicorn, good luck folks bahaha


Ask them to cash out a single liter and then you’ll discuss volume contracts. Most brokers couldn’t figure it out to save their mothers

And yes, they will run off with the LOI, trying to secure the deals behind your back.

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The “rep” from Damian marleys company reached out six months ago or so and wanted 1200 liters a month tested, all you got do is start talking number in reverse with them like do you know how much oil it will take and then assume a7% return on your biomass and watch or better yet listen to them stumble and mumble because they’ll probably never seen a liter in real life and have no idea what it takes. The testing alone for that order would have taken months to get ahead of the curve. “Brokers” are the pussies who would have come within a 100 yards of what we do til now since they think they can’t get in trouble


I actually have a distribution company that needs cat2 clean distillate weekly. Is $8300 a liter a doable price with where the markets at?


The short answer is no.


Went to a Extraction event, after coming home and checking all my emails from networking. I get an email from the person that promoted the event, he’s asking for 1000L/month.

I get request like this all the time and when you actually try to fulfill the order, everyone ghosts…


I’m getting the same requests for for huge amounts/week and wet dream $/g. I’ve given some samples to the brokers and they’ve come back saying no go (pesticides). Sounds too good to be true so I’m not biting.

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I get the same offers and as stated above, the minute you ask for a deposit or to cash out 1l they disappear.


Tell them you only work with customers who can sign a 12 month contract for 10k kg of distillate per week lol