The "100 liter a week" script


If you need help fulfilling inquiry Please give me a call.
We can piece that order together from a few different sources.
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yes @Trichomie, crude should float on water. but only just. I see densities around 0.96 to 0.98g/ml.

you’re correct, 40 short of 1000 starts to add up after a while, but using 1g/ml sure is convenient



Brokers < Consultant for labs




That’s what we do. Got so many $4000 - $4500 a liter offers I just started laughing to myself about it. Why would I sell some broker our fairly small batches (liter or so a batch) for $4.5 per gram when I can fill syringes with quality distillate and sell retail to the public for $70 or make vape pens for $50… (Going retail rates in Maine) Lol Sure once we start cranking out 30 liters month (coming in April) we might consider selling our older aging distillate that is starting to stack up, for the going black market vape pen rate of $13 - $15 a gram but until that happens we are selling ours retail. As others have said, brokers are clueless about what it takes just to produce just 5 liters let alone 100. It is laughable. So my advice for brokers, if you want to make the big bucks, learn some chemistry and get your hands dirty. Because I am not funding your kids college fund from my hard work while you sit back and do nothing. And I am guessing that most of the rest of us won’t either. Heh



yes and the best part is they just think that the more they want the more insane the discount, they never account for the extra work added because they dont do any work so its not even in their thoughts just bottom dollar bottom dollar

that being said Im in Maine RN and i am paying 8/g for 5L



Is there anyone out there who only deals in small contracts? 5-10ls?



You’ve got them or your looking for them?



I’ve got em - looking for a handful of smaller contracts. Just finding the right people is a drag. Also looking for crude at a good price.