I have been invoved in various industry where testing is done for myriad things. This photo is an example of why I am not all that interested in lab testing my own personal refinements.

I am absolutely certain these labs know what they are doing and I realize there are probably a dozen good reasons for the way they handle things but in my experience if a lab is not rigged up and dialed in for the kind of purity they will test then the test numbers are nebulous really. There is some sort of correction factor being applied and this is alright of course but I wanted to post a screenshot of another fellows results in in which he took what he thought to be pure compound in for a test… A result like this to me in my own hands on my own stuff would seem to me to be worthless because I do not have the scientific background to understand how they can report an excess of 100% of something but go on to report they believe the target compound is a few points shy of pure. It is a nit picky gripe about testing and goes years back in other fields I dealth with. I realize there are all kinds of good reasons labs puke out the numbers they do but in my hands this test would be tossed as meaningless.


We set up psi labs about 4 yrs ago. So I dont believe one single word from them, or almost any testing facility. All they do is stroke the ego of a grower and inflate the thc % to get a haooybreturn customer. I personally am thinking of buying the gcs from sri for 9k. I’ll personally set it up, and run samples. Im.super anal about cleanliness and thorough work ethic.

Do you by another handle on a grow forum? Your posts and wording sounds awful familiar. In a good way.


about how much thc percentage should change from r.s.o. to after running threw short path
example : If my r.s.o. is testing at 75 percent what percentage should that same batch of r.s.o. be after its ran threw short path

@jeddyeff if your RSO is actually testing at 75%, I’d recommend a new lab.

65% seems like a more reasonable number. 75% would require -80C ethanol and very short incubation times. 75% THCA is achievable with ethanol, but Rick wouldn’t put his name on it until it was decarbed. at which point it would be 75% x 0.877 = 65.8% THC.

Ideally, you’re shooting for better than 90% THC, but it’s easy to miss. eg: Reading test results

if you’re new to the game, or develop a leak in your setup after playing for a while, and don’t notice, you can also take your 65% crude, to a lower potency than you started with. eg 53% THC as shown in What happened here?

To understand what’s going one, try this video THC Imposters (Isomers).

Chromatogram: 3% THC - #6 by 420fathermckenzie shows an example of 3% THC (made from 65-70% THC crude).

if your RSO is so green it’s black, then 55-60% THC is a more likely potency. I’ve seen RSO being sold in syringes at 19%THC. No idea how that was achieved.

My boss has started calling the 65-70% EtOH crude we’ve been making RSO again…because it’s a name folks recognize… even if Rick wouldn’t recognize the product :wink:


yes this is after decarb. i do extractions with -80 c i run my ethanol threw a coil submerged in dry ice and ethanol to get that temp.i will load my extraction tank or reactor with 5000 gr. of trim soak the trim for 10 minutes .i will then drain my tank with pressure from nitrogen from that point it will go to the roto vape until crude my next step is to reconstitute the crude with ethanol and winterize 24 hrs for a stage 1 filter winterize again stage 2 winterize again for a stage 3.after the stage 3 i will bring the product temp to 90 degrees (f) and carbon wash run that threw a slurry filter using silikate pulver .i switched to using a steel pot on a hot plate for decarbng at about 220


yep, that sounds like 70% THC or even 75% on a good day.
(carbon scrub should be bumping potency)
Doesn’t sound much like Rich Simpson Oil anymore :wink:

so i guess my real question is should i gain potency after short path with same product? The lab we are using is coming back with same numbers for my crude and final product after short path which i think is impossible

you could easily take that 70-75% THC and turn it into 3% THC.
follow the four links I provided.

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Cumulative error in the analytical process can add up to measured/reported values totaling up over 100%. We’ve put out numbers over 100 before but openly admitting that much error in your method should call for internal investigation by the laboratory.