What happened here?

The actual distillate came out hard to touch at room temperature and a great color. Any theories?

Whenever I see this is when its D8

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Can CB labs resovle d8?

Could be d8 misidentified as CBC, more likely it’s a THC isomer formed during distillation which they’re mistakenly identifying as CBC.


At a guess? You ran too hot, or too long, and isomerised or degraded your target.

If you request the chromatogram, I suspect you’ll find there is at least 1 peak they didn’t even try to ID



Is your great color like almost clear/water color? If that’s it then 100% D8 and a lot of labs cant test for it, Will still get your people high as shit but yea pretty common thing to happen


Any extra filtration steps besides winterization? Just curious.

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Can you ask for the chromatogram?

If your analytical lab barfs at providing the chromatagram, I’d recommend a new lab.

Steephill falls into that category in my experience…and they should know better given how long they’ve been in the game.


Thanks everybody. Yeah, that’s what we figured also. We tried something new with this run, added 3% calcium bent. and 2% carbon to boiling flask. Also tried a new lab but did not consider they wouldn’t test for Delta 8 lol.

Any you’d recommend in SoCal?

Just did, I’ll post when I receive it.

nah, I’m in OR. Ran a 1/2 dozen samples through Steephill, was appalled when they said the chromatogram was their’s, and flabbergasted when they couldn’t give a lucid explanation of their LOD or LOQ for abamectin either.

Certainly run into some clowns up here too. although most of them have left the business or hired actual chemists at this point.

One of my fav’s was a lab that said they could give me 24hr microbial results using real-time PCR. I could see the PCR machine in the corner of the lab without it’s power cord. That may have been a service they offered, but it wasn’t gonna happen in 24hrs at that point.

Then there was the lab that returned 19% THC on my 16% CBD flowers (ie no test, or sample mixup), or the one that returned 10fold higher than reality on the THC in my CBD tincture because they were below their LOQ, but called it anyway…then took a month to admit they were wrong so I could get my product to market. Don’t know that I asked them for a chromatogram… but they got a copy of mine!

Having some form of in house testing is critical in my opinion. the Lightlab from Orange Photonics, a GC from SRI, or a TLC kit are all viable options. Pretty sure only the GC (or a full blown HPLC setup) are going to give enough data for distillate makers.

Having a GC in house allowed me to see how badly I wrecked my first distillate attempt, without paying someone $100 to tell me I had gone from 75% THC to 35%.


They are not measuring for D8THC and are most likely confusing CBC for D10a THC which is an isomer of D9THC (see THC Impostors) . I am surprised that they test for 9 cannabinoids and are not measuring for D8 THC as it is very easy and important to separate D8/D9 THC. Ask them for a chromatogram then we can get a good idea of the other components.

For regulatory labs in Southern California I recommend Infinite Chemical Analysis. They have some of the fastest turnaround time (48 hours or less for all tests) and very fair pricing. They are very experienced, qualified, and easy to work with.

I have also heard good things about Cannalysis but have not personally tried their service.


Turns out they weren’t able to give me a chromatogram, however they offered me a free test for when their new “standard” arrives. But they also figured it was D8.

Appreciate all the insight and suggestions. Gonna try Infinite Chemical Analysis for next tests thanks @KSlabs

@cyclopath what are you currently using for in house testing?

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I would also recommend Infinite Chemical Analysis. They are very reliable and quick.

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Thought I’d left enough bread crumbs. sorry. [link in quote was NOT in original]

SRI has better options that what I’m running. I have an early version of their cannabis specific setup. got it used from a dispensary that were testing for potency before it was required.

Seen them on ebay repeatedly in the $5k range. they often show up on craigslist as real testing comes on line.