Terpenes = solvent

So terpenes are a hydrocarbon which makes them a solvent. So technically there’s solvents in your solventless products. Thoughts



Technically true. However, the “industry” uses the term solventless to imply the absence of additional solvents (ethanol, acetone, butance, etc).


Which is exactly why u can jar light purged honey, bc it leaves terps, which act as solvent letting that honey crash to big sugar


the flaw in that logic is the assertion that being hydrocarbons is what qualifies terpenes as “solvents”.

It is their ability to dissolve the solute of choice. in this case cannabinoids.

Water is often referred to as the “universal solvent”, but it doesn’t dissolve cannabiniods (unless pH modified), so it is NOT a solvent in this case.

If you insist on being pedantic, you could use a “no added solvents” appellation.


Did you know that water is considered the “universal solvent”

“Water is capable of dissolving a variety of different substances, which is why it is such a good solvent. And, water is called the “universal solvent” because it dissolves more substances than any other liquid. This is important to every living thing on earth.”

Anybody get riled up by this quote ? Lol so your solventless hash isnt solventless, and your organic buds were fed via a solution of solvent (water) and solute (nutrients)


nah, it dosent bother me! let the haters hate! I have chromatograms!:camera_flash:


Terps for Chromatography! I use d-limonene and my issue is increasing polarity for those cannabinoids that are more polar?

Water just ph’d properly?

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Has anyone heard of terpenes being used as a solvent ?

also wondered this but i feel like the lack of availability makes it difficult explore.

works on gallstones at least :rofl:


I’ve always wondered about doing an extraction using D-Limo as the extraction solvent. Would obviously kill the terp profile so would really only be suitable for distillate but would be cool just as an experiment. Probably has no place in actual production but sometimes it’s fun to do things just to see what happens!


There’s a guy named Horatio that’s been doing it with d-limonene for a while .


The sugars and cellulose in the plant can be fermented into ethanol, which is the OG alchemical way to perform the work…


Oh yeah. Limonene extraction is beautiful. If it were easier to scale it’d be a lot more promising

aromatic hydrocarbons, not a solvent?

Depends what you’re trying to dissolve…

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Love to discuss how we can work together on some projects using D-limonene
DM me

Hey PharmEx

Who is this Horatio you speak of? My Name is Cam and I supply High Purity Terpenes such as D’limonene, among others. We are getting tons of interest utilizing D’Limonene as an extractant for CBD and THC processing. I’m curious as to how they would do this. If anyone on here knows or would like to work with us on processing and isolating extracts utilizing our terpenes and hydrocarbons, don’t hesitate to reach me or Kyle.

He’s the same Horatio who just died The Death of Horatio

But if you want some insight on using d-limonene for extraction use the search bar up top and I’m sure you’ll find some great info. I’m also available for paid consults as are many others on this site.


I did an extraction with natural turpentine before. it actually worked and made a nice amber colored extract but that shit is expensive af