Synthetic DMT/Shroom products?

Not necessarily endorsing this but found something interesting and wanted to boumce it off people here that may be more into chemistry/interactions.

So a few brands such as Tre house, shrumfuzed (dazed 8), goomz have been selling “mushroom gummies” that some mistake as amanita. However upon diving deeper they are not amanita or psilo. They have a similar listing in them that says “proprietary nootropic blend”
I was able to get info on these blends from 2 of the mfgs and this is the result

5-htp (a.k.a. 5-hydroxytryptophan), rhodiola rosea, lion’s mane, mimosa hostilis root, phenylethylamine hydrochloride, cyanocobalamin (b12), and cholecalciferol (d3).

My question here is we all know mimosa hostilis root can become DMT… and a way to do that is using hydrochloric acid to make a acidic liquid so on and so fourth.

Is this blend potebtially causing that reaction to happen within your body and creating dmt from the mimosa hostilis root and hydrocholoride?
Is this even possible? Are the 5-htp and b12/b3 aiding that process?


They are most lilely not telling you about the 4 - aco - dmt or cannabinods that are in there.

There are also a lot of triptamines that are not regulated.


B3 is niacin when you run into it, used to flush the skin in trials placebo vs actives…

I did find one lab showing 1.73mg of 4-aco from a third party in the tre house gummies. This is crazy to me considering tre house is owned by cbdfx who was afraid to even go into the d8 realm for the longest time due to being a large corp and stake holders. Now theyre providing RC that are not intended for consumption? Not sure how they can get away with that…


Not 100% sure what you mean. Mind elaborating?

shrumfuzed aka dazed 8 aka shyne “blew up my facility” labs lol Oh yeah, seem like exactly who I would trust to make drug products.


Blew up like in
Run forest run !

Houston we lost contact ?

Hope everyone made it out safe and sound !


There were no explosions.

It was an ethanol lab that caught fire and burned.

No injuries just a total loss.

Covered here: Lab Explosion/Fire in KY Last Week


I wonder what the “proprietary” stuff is in the Shrumfuzed gummies. Everywhere I turn people say 4-AcO-DMT but I have no real clue. Not that it would matter if it is that because I like dmt and the trip I had overall was good with them.

Don’t they also run d8superstore and shroomssuperstore.

They are formulated with synthetics.

Didn’t know rhodiola was an MAO inhibitor. So technically if the dosages are right, that could make the DMT in the mimosa hostilis orally active and no synthetics would be necessary.


yep. I make tons of oral active dmt with maio and sell as kits


I’m not sure about that. Not a whole lot of chemical/RC taste that you get with 4A gummies

I’m sure it’s just orally active DMT from the mimosa hostilis root made active with the included MAO inhibito (Rhodiola, in this case).

I used to do this type of combo quite a bit when I was younger. We generally used something like penganum harmala though. Seeds were super cheap and the plants were easy to grow. Grind up the seed powder combine with one of the many different DMT/tryptamine containing plants such as mimosa hostilis and you have a good time


Is 4 -aco-dmt legal ? In all states of the USA ???
1cp-dmt is made and legal over here I am gona try it one of these days


Not sure about the legality in different states. Generally if you’re a big enough fish and the feds really want you all they have to do is prove you knew it was for human consumption. At least this is how they’ve done it in the past anyway.

Edit - if these types of drugs are legal they are generally only legal if not intended for human consumption according to the federal government.


Are there substances out there that contain serotonin? I would love to know more of why serotonin is on the list of things to test for.

Fairly certain 4-aco would fall under the analogues act for psilocin, especially put into a candy. Considering there is already psilocin in the gummies according to HPLC, kind of a moot point as that is Schedule 1 regardless.

Even in decrim states, there is no provision for sales in gas stations.