Lab Explosion/Fire in KY Last Week

Anyone see/hear about this? Explosions and balls of flames, looks like there were miraculously no injuries. I don’t know if anyone else has any details?



glad everyone is okay!!


Just found their website which has a video tour of their process at the bottom of the page. Holy fuck the amount of money that was shoveled into all of that equipment must be astronomical. They said the building is a total loss which I assume applies to all of the equipment as well.


I would say that there was some serious luck involved that only equipment was lost. If there was bound to be a fire like that at a lab that size, then those operators are very fortunate that they got out in one piece or weren’t on-site.


What a beautiful lab. What do think the ticket was for everything. I imagine they everything was bought new so we are probabaly talking 10-15million in equipement.


@ShyneLabs1 @Shynelabs looks like they are a user here…


Damn. Even had the governors love.

Sorry to read.


Smells fishy lol. :rofl:
Bet they had equipment/asset insurance.


I’d agree in most other circumstances, but its unclear here because insurance companies are known skeptics of the hemp chemical industry AND the fact most labs in our industry are not particularly safe/savvy - intentionally starting a fire would run the risk of insurance not paying out and/or various fines/criminal negligence charges. I doubt this was intentional.


9 milly I would hope has insurance a part of the initial budget 2+ years ago
That kind of money can grease wheels nice.


shoulda gave me the money, I’d have spent it better/less flammably.


Yeah. The fact that nobody was injured is almost too lucky. As if they knew or were told not to be there.

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Idk maybe you’re just inexperienced. I’ve had dozens of hemp/cannabis labs qualify for insurance :rofl::+1:

Silly idea to operate without it.


well…I am just barely eighteen (;


Can you give me a little information on which providers you have used before?


Can’t you just Google it, good lord everyone wants a spoon.

I know these guys pretty well. I’ve been buying everything I can get from them for a year now.

Couldn’t have happened to better people. Gave me the chills when I heard the news.

I’ll leave it up to them to share details should they decide to. I will only say it was outside the owners’ control. Millions invested in fire suppression + safety in general.

They’re in good spirits — as good as you can be after something like this. A lot of people talk about persistence / overcoming obstacles. These guys are the real deal. They can’t be stopped. I very much aspire to be like them.

Send good vibes their way :v:t2:


Goodness, so sad. Glad everyone was okay. Definitely sending good vibes :cry:

Cant you just shut up and not reply if you arent adding anything of value?

Its a public forum, there are a million results for cannabis extraction insurance when you google it, hes asking for a recommendation from someone with experience so he isnt just going in blind. A bunch of people are here saying they cant find insurance that will cover them so a quick google search isnt really the best choice anyways. Sharing your experience isnt a spoon for something like insurance. its just a common courtesy that a decent human would happily share.

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Yes gladly,

We are using Oath Cannabis and Hemp Insurance for our recreational cannabis lab.


Lmfao I am not going to recommend an insurance provider, my attorney things that could cause blowback to my business if there are ever any fraudulent claims, for clients I referred.

Everyone in here is so damn unprofessional it’s so distasteful lol.
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