Swagelok consult

Name: Jay
Company Name: TreeTops
Contact Info: DM
Location: OK
Team Size: 1

Services Offered: Swagelok installation w/ tips
Rates, if public: $50/hr + travel
States Available in: anywhere but Canada
Insured?: no
OLCC Workers Permit?:

If anyone is interested in getting away from pipe threads and flared fittings, I can help. I have refinery background from some of the largest oil companies out there and I was a planner for over 3 yrs at the worlds 2nd largest oil refinery. I can talk shop while I work, so you won’t be getting the run around on hours. Let me see your rig and I can help with layout and we can make your system flow right. I can bring my own tools to make sure the job is done properly.

Thank you,


is there a simple way to get away from npt and hoses on a small unit thats taken apart each time? are the compression fittings good to take on and off repeatedly like threaded hose? Im not looking for consultant level info but curious of a yes or no.

It’s best not to take them on and off so much. Shoot me a DM with what you have going on. I’ll throw some tips your way

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my issue is npt and hoses. not compression fitting. i think they are mainly for cip?

Npt is prone to leak, definitely if you have extreme temps you’re hitting. The main reason my system is the way I’m building it, is to get away from all hoses.


i was asking is it simple to disassembe and reliable to do it over and over? when i think of compression its more cip

I’ve done it before with no glitch. You should be fine.

NExt system i build= im stuck with what i got which isnt bad. I have 9 swageloks it still leaks i went to swage after the first brewers depot leaked but i guass they all do

Sounds like user error…my cheap valves don’t leak.


I see cheap valves on expensive shit too. they should work under 100 psi but my swages fail in low temps. same with the damn so called fancy hoses. id hate that leak on a nitrous car. I dont have fancy hoses. i looked into greywolfs anti static hoses but Im not at that level of c1 d1 to pay extra. my issue is just the end f the hose= they sy nitrogen tested? it fails less than 50 psi??? steel lines and compression is the way to go but tough in a portable unit.

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This will be very helpful to people in here at a good price.


nice to have a consult to this end of the industry. I have swage company 20 mins away but would be wary o even creating an account because im paranoid. also - I buy black market- ebay I doubt thats why they leak but maybe???


Interested in cali


Hell yeah bro. I need to go out there anyways


@Boomtownpharms start making systems for sale!!!


For anyone who’s not familiar with his work, take a look here:

This dude is seriously talented. Even hobbyists looking to scale up a bit could do worse than a day of his time.




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