@SubstituteCreature Unbiased Solventless Products Review

So I have a client coming into town who specializes in solventless extraction and I needed something out of the ordinary. Even though they sent me a care package no-charge, I told @SubstituteCreature I would do an honest and unbiased review of his work.

We are looking at fresh wedding cake cold cure, kosher z, wedding cake rosinsplosion, gak melon "The skull and crossbones is bubble hash :slight_smile: He put 2 different types in that small jar. Both “verrrrrrrrrry melty.”

I hadn’t heard of some of these strains. That’s perfectly ok, because as an old fart, I remember terps through the ages.

Let’s start with the Gak Melon. When I opened up the package, this one stood out as far as smell. I’m picking up pinene, myrcene and limonene. We put a dab of this on a blunt at Thanksgiving and it overpowered the taste of the flower. Woo doggy.

So everyone has had Wedding Cake at this point, right? This is different that it has a funk to it. It is like terp syrup.

The bubble is pretty remarkable. When I used to do bubble as a kid, we would put it in a clean bowl and it would sit on the screen until there was nothing left. There was some THCa in it and there was no visible residue left at all.

Even though I have developed cannabis allergies, this was so clean and pleasing to my sensibilities. The lung expansion was not bad by any stretch of the imagination and it doesn’t make me sweat through my shirt like other hash.

If you have a chance to try @SubstituteCreature 's products, I would highly recommend it for the cleanliness, terp expression and quality.


Bro I am just so happy that someone as seasoned as you really enjoys it! I tried to get you my A-game in a few different areas - you weren’t out there to help me set off smoke alarms in Vegas so I had to make sure you could play ‘Piss off the Fire Dept. - The Home Game!’ out there too :wink:


Love to know how to share the opportunity. Are there publicly accessible drops or is this all trad market?


@SubstituteCreature got some talent, me and a few friends have tried it and we all love it.


Any way for us to try it ?


Yeah man, I never really had access to “good” concentrates but I after having tried @SubstituteCreature’s rosin, it is unlike anything I have tried. The flavor profile and smoothness is out of this world! Hell, after I ripped some of his Gay Guy Hash, I put on leather pants and hit the local twink club!


Oh you don’t wanna know what happened after the carrot jam sesh :smiling_imp:


Hahaha I still love that an inside joke I made for my best friend over a year ago has bled into a running joke among my buddies on here - every time I tell him it’s been brought up again he loses his shit!

But thank you guys so much! I sound like a broken record big time but all I want to do is make people happy with the skills I’ve obtained, it really stokes me out so much that I can do this for y’all and be recognized for it!

All I want to do is just make more terpy hash for the nice people!!! Maybe do some skateboarding in the process :sunglasses: I really love you guys, super great people like you make me want to push the envelope as much as I can to save as much terps, make my shit smoother and just generally get people so fucking high they can’t function. Anyone who has met me knows that last statement is especially true because i’d rather let the hash do the talking instead

@MWCanna I see you there!! Hell, you were my first consult ever! Motherfuckers like you who believe in my skills stokes me to no end!


If you find someone you love in life, I’m very happy for you and don’t judge, but these extracts didn’t “turn me gay”. Only for good hash.

(I don’t think I can roll my eyes any harder at that!)


That said, if you hit @SubstituteCreature up, I think you will be very happy with his hard work.


I mean you put a bow on it right there



Although im a little bias…
@SubstituteCreature’s product speak for themselves but mainly he’s a great fucking guy! Always has a great attitude and willing to help. Shit, he’s helped me for literally nothing in return and I had just met him through the forum. I advise anyone who’s interested in him or his products to just reach out - he won’t disappoint.


@SubstituteCreature is one of the coolest dudes on this forum. I’ve hung with him at his place and seen his setup for making rosin and can say no one is doing better with less. Not talking shit at all, I’ve seen people with FAR more money into an “advanced” setup and they can’t even produce something half as good as he does.

The point is dude knows wtf he’s doing. When you know your shit you know your shit and it shows in your product.

Hope your kitty is doing better man


I don’t know what this strain was but it was the best rosin I’ve ever had


Silver tagging pen and handwriting checks out!


Melon Jelly. A favorite of mine.


He’s got the dreamiest eyes too. :heart_eyes:


Biggest regret from Vegas this year was not sitting down with you the moment I saw you at the GLG party

Missed out on some of the best hash in town that night


I’ll say that rosin splosin is some of the best rosin I’ve tried lately, Really glad I got to try some!


This thread has my mouth watering, Ive gotta know what strain the skull and cross bones is lol.


That was the 2 types of bubble hash. I don’t know what strain homeboy said it was.

I just know that it turned into nothing very quickly.