Stable Ethanol Shatter

Ethanol Shatter

This is an SOP that I compiled from experimentation and online forums. I never used butane in this method so please dont start talking about butane because I know how people love to get off topic. I did not use a closed loop either. This was all done using dunk bags in cold ethanol.

Dunk material for 15-30 seconds in -40 C or colder

Büchner funnel 14 micron in freezer ( if you have to use a faster filter paper to begin with then work your way down until it flows)

If too much chlorophyll was pulled then you can charcoal to clean up ( I was told that instead of using charcoal you can create a celite 545 bed with aluminum oxide on top and filter through that medium instead because charcoal will degrade thc levels)

Before winterizing, rotovape to recover some ethanol to make your mother liquid super saturated ( to crash out more fats when winterizing)

Winterize 3 days at -40C or colder

Büchner funnel 0.45 micron in freezer

Rotovape at 30 C to retain color and wet pour to get out majority

Heat up oven 110 F for 2 hours prior to use

Pour 150-180 grams per piece of parchment (preference) pour less for lighter color

Pull full vac for 4-6 hours

After you see bubbles slow down, ramp up temp 10 degrees to 120 F to loosen oil for more ethanol release

Bubbles slow down again then ramp up temp to 130 F and let finish off

Break vac and flip slabs and keep temp at 130 F

Let sit back in oven for 30-45 min to loosen up oil and pull full vac again until you get tiny bubbles or no bubbles at all

This will give you stable ethanol shatter with a nice orange/yellow color. The thinner you pour your slabs the better the color. You can use old material and still get a really nice color. If you harvest a little early and your trichomes have not turned amber yet then you can get an even better color. Give it a try and let me know what you guys/girls think.


Ah the old thin slab tek


Try putting the wet stuff on a Pyrex dish in the regular oven for 10-20 mins on 180°. You’ll get stuff you can scrape off the dish and purge @125° under vac. Sometimes 80 mins @180° in a regular oven works the best but typically its 20-45mins in my experience

How does it taste?


Dunk material for 15-30 seconds in -40 C or colder…

There’s ALOT of information here on this site too! : ichibancrafter - Home Extraction by IchiBanCrafter

This article specifically:



what kind of vacuum pump are you using on your purging oven ? is there any apparatus between your pump and oven protecting your pump . from my experience ethanol vapors change your pumps oil viscosity, drastically reducing your pumps ability to purge ethanol especially when the viscosity of your oil can trap ethanol molecules and without proper vacuum depth a certain amount of ppms may be left behind hindering your oils ability to stabilize.

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@C4H10 it was a dry pump. No oil needed. This slab was before I flipped but it was already pretty stable at this point and this was after 3 hours. Another 3 hours on the other side and this was able to hold in your hand at room temp without sticking to your fingers. Terp profile is not retained but smoke was really smooth and high was clean. Tastes more like some bomb bubble hash. I actually prefer this over bho.


What yeild per lb of trim do you expect?

Purge temp ?

It all depends on the quality of your material e.g. how old it is, how did you store it, are there a lot of shade leaves etc. usually you should get around 8-10% of crude also depending if you are fully able to squeeze out your drip bags which is impossible to do by hand so you need some sort of vice to fully recover. An ethanol CLS would be preferred but in the method I decribed I was talking about dunking bags.

The purge temps are in the first post of the thread. Read it.

How did you get this pour so uniform?

It looks like he had the sides folded up to make the paper like a tray, and then after pulling the bulk of the solvent out initially, he folded down the sides.

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Yeah… when I pour into my parchment, I typically do not hit all the sides and corners of my “paper tray”. Maybe I need to try this to get more uniformity on the thickness of my slabs.



Hey nub question and possibly already asked but would using trim be stable… lmao didn’t work for me but I was using old trim(a month old or so). Also if you pull a lot of color, is there a scalable option for filtration and what mediums would be best?

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Depends on the potency and how its been handled. Have you tested it? I have been able to turn decent trim into stable shatter.

Never got it tested but it was just wouldnt stabilize in our ovens and remained as a brown good on the parchment lol. I have never been successful producing ethanol shatter but those I know who have said its not possible to produce pull n snap from ethanol. Have you found that being the case for your product?

Yes , I have been able to produce stable shatter using ethanol . It is important to handle/store your raw material properly to produce consistent results .