Spin mass in panda spinner or toss out?

On Wednesday I did a big etoh wash (approx 15lbs), and as always, time was against me. I believe I left about 2 gallons of so of etoh left in the biomass. I didnt have my panda at the time, not did I have a chance to gently press/ squeeze any remaining etoh from the biomass. The train was put into a garbage bag, and kept cold (40*f tops).

Today my 2 pandas came in.

So I need some experienced opinions.

1 shit can the bag and walk away

2 spin up all the material in the pandas. Recover the etoh, filter, then rotovap.

I do have a proof gauge and had an idea. Use option #2. Then proof the ethanol fo tell me if/how much water is also along for the ride.

If theres a lot of h20, , I can keep seperate, and run it they thenroto and recover the etoh, and toss the water/thc left in the work flask in the rotovap. Or if theres a way to scavenge the thc from the water , I’m all ears.

Thanks for the help.

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Well the materials are already used. So it’s just man-hours now to attempt to salvage it. Is your time worth the effort to gamble? Me I’m a cheap bastard and it’s a hobby so I’d run it anyways just for funsies


Yeah, I’m a cheap ass as well. I do it all from making deliveries, cloning, extracts, everything from my garden I personally only touch.

I’d like to scavenge the etoh out. I’m just worried about the h20.

If I run the the rotovap, what would be left is a minute amount of etoh, thc extract and possibly water.


Wash it all out but keep seperated
Do extensive cleanup sop or sell as RSO
On 15 lbs after cryo rinse 2x with panda I still recover 100ml
So you Will probably have twice that amount of crude


If you dont have a panda
BUY one asap

It’s bad ass for sure.

Its green as the grinch


with that amount of Ethanol it almost pays for its self with that tin alone


I got back 2.5 gallons


Major clean up on Wednesday.

More dry ice
Filter in buchner setup
Alumnium oxide
Celite 545
Activated charcoal (if needed)

Hope for a nice gold color.

Now to build a rack for 2 pandas.


Get your self acustumed to have Some acid Reading paper at hand to check ph Valeu s of compounds used


I have 4x ph meters I use for my grows.


Hmmm tried working with a lab ph meter but the Damn thing needed calibrating often so the papers i use most now easy and cheap

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You gonna take the tops off those bad boys or keep them as is?


I have to dig up the thread for modding them. It was a challenge getting my work bag out.

It paid for itself the 1st ues recovering my ethanol back


That extract is going to be super fatty. All that ethanol has just been sitting there disolving trichomes the whole time. Make sure you dilute it very well prior to winterization or it will be too thick with fat to go through the filter. I don’t know what you were planning on using this oil for but the bit you get out of this spent material will really only be suited for crude.


There’s a thread on here with detailed instructions for that mod?? I’ll have to take a look at that myself. I was just tinkering with mine seeing how to go about getting the top off without fucking anything up and I chickened out once I got to the hex screw because I didn’t want to break something and have to wait another few days for a new one before I could run my extraction. I’m hoping it will make removing the bags easier as well as cleaning it.

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I use all my ethanol washes and make distillate. If I can clean it all up during filtration, and recover my ethanol, and proof the etoh, I’m already ahead. The crude that’s left after rotovap, purge, decarb is a bonus.

Maybe destined for the edible jar or rso. Or I’ll run it in the spd and see what I get out of it.

I’m already ahead as it was destined for the trash pile before spinning.


I have been lazy it have yet to modify the lid of my panda I have however stripped it to its individual parts in rebuilt it twice now I guess I could have cut the top larger by now. My next mod will be removing the plastic spout completely and any plastic I see that will make contact with the ethanol if you use denatured ethanol the heptane will not jive with the plastic spout and lid


Well I bought 2 for about 125@ shipped in 2 days to my door from cali to Michigan. If I break 1 modding it, I have a backup.

I currently only use food grade etoh, not denatured. Good to know about the drain and denatured having an issue.

My mod on Some of My panda’s was taking a metal mesh sheet have that rounded like a cilinder in the diameter of the top hole leave iT sticking out a few millimeters above the authentic rim
And had them spotwelded on the bottom of the panda centrifuge reservoir
So welded at botom and top a mesh (small holes metal sheet) cilinder
The centrifuge reservoir gets smaller but still large enough for 5 Lb washes and since they are straight from top to botom bags enter and exit with No hassel
And When lucky the diameter of the cilinder is 20 cm making filtersock fit perfect so My cilinder reservoir is linned with the one micron filter sock Wich stays in for a while before Need to replace
I put My material inside of a pillowcase


Got any pics of your mod?