Spin mass in panda spinner or toss out?


I like that mod. I’ve thought about chopping the top lip off my internal drum to make getting bags in and out easier. The entire lid I’ll be making removable but keep it so that I don’t have to constantly pop the handle off the remove the top


Is iT me You are asking for pic s of the fuge ?


Yes it sounded like an interesting model however I cant visualize it very well


I ll get them asap i am out till the 5 jan
Lucky i read your Quistion for iT was not directed to me :grinning:


I dfigured I would post up a post-filtering of the grinch etoh.

From grinch to much better ethanol


Looking good so how about Some numbers
Etoh extracted at what temp
Filter media
Etc etc hell of a diffrance thou


This was the super dark green ethanol that was trapped in the biomass before I spun it in the panda 2 days later.

My main goal was to get my etoh back. 2 gallons is about 125.00. I’m cheap. If I get any extract, that’s a bonus.

I originally did a cryo soak with my new killer sop, 40min soak.


Amazing :+1::ok_hand::fist_right:


And filter media ?


1st filter
Buchner funnel with fritted disc
Celite 545
Alumnium oxide
All cryo cold filter

Next a room temp filter
Buchner funnel with fritted disc
Celite 545
Activated charcoal (2 heaping tablespoons per 1/2gal of etoh) shake, let sit -15mins.