Spin, and Spin, and Spin again...

stumbled across these guys yesterday.


chatted with them on the phone today.

they’ve got a “CUP 30” equivalent “in-stock” for about $120k. about a 4 week lead-time.

they’ve got a smaller unit, for about $70k, but it doesn’t spin as hard as it’s bigger brother. Pretty sure the “big one” is still small in their world.

edit: and they’re spinning thrice.


Hey that’s the way!

it is. but I didn’t bother getting the pricing structure on the other bits, because even though I believe it’s the right approach, I don’t see being able to convince my next 10 clients of that fact. maybe #11. In which case I’ll go ask again. but if it goes to 11, then it ought need be continuous flow, which their 16" and 20" spinney-go-rounds are not.


What’s special about spinning it three times?

did you look at their offerings?

3 different fuges!

No I didn’t look specifically. I thought they were spinning the material three times with the same centrifuge which didn’t seem to make a lot of sense. I’m coming more from the salad spinner tek angle if that makes sense. There’s a coulple threads going around about that.

If you want to know why it’s special, you will have to go look…:slight_smile:

if all they had was Washing Machine "Salad Spinner" tek or a Delta Separations CUP equivalent, they wouldn’t have warranted a new thread…

…and now those are mutually linked, so folks can find this from those, or thems from here.

Edit: yep. the two solvent recovery centrifuges they have sold into the cannabis market so far are their “pilot scale” machines.

they’ve got much bigger, and have bag-lift and bottom empty designs too.