Sourcing quality Molecular Sieve material

Where are you guys sourcing your mole sieve beads from? A3 work for you fine? Re proofing ethanol.

You guys just re drying them out in a vac oven? What kind of temp is good for that?

If your dehydrating etoh with seives, you will need to dry them to an acceptible level before heating them. Forced air ovens work well, just make sure your aren’t creating a fuel air mixture in your lab! 175-260c is an acceptible range to regenrate your seives. Make sure to let them cool under vaccum. If you want to test the seives you can add a small amount of water to the dehydrated beads, they will display an exothermic reaction and create heat.


I grab all my molecular sieves from delta absorbants. They are usually fairly priced with good quality.


thanks boss!

drying them by just placing in them in oven at vaccuum with no heat until what point? is it a visible change or what? Transitioning from stills to sieves.

you need to dry them with heat. Like I said heat them 175-260c. I usually bake them for an hour or so, the beads I use have no color indication. You need to cool them under a vaccum so they don’t absorb water in the cooling process. You may check for dryness or functionality with the test I suggested.
ps. If you have a color indicating bead make sure the color changing chemicals play nice with your process. I choose not to use them.

So im confused because in your first post you say “you need to dry them to an acceptible level before heating them” but then you say “dry them with heat” in your second post?

if they are dripping wet with etoh you cannot load them into a forced air oven with out expecting
a fire.

You might hit up shadownaught here as well. He’s got the goods.

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oh thats what you mean. okay thanks!

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I see Bhogart has 3A and 5A molecular sieve beads in five and twenty-five pound Bhogart labeled containers. I watched a video at YouTube where a guy did a comparison of USA versus Chinese 3A’s, the results clearly show the Chinese beads aren’t as effective. I sent an email to Bhogart this morning inquiring of the origin of their sieves, nothing back yet.

I inquired again, this time in Chat at their site, here’s the reply,

All our desiccant is manufactured in China. Thank you for your consideration.

Taymoor from

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Where are you sourcing your 3A molecular sieves? Can you say they’re first quality, not from China or India? TIA!

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Where can use beads be bought?

Here’s the YouTube video I mentioned comparing lab grade sieves to the inexpensive offerings at eBay and Amazon.

Testing eBay Molecular Sieves by NurdRage,

I needed some 3A sieves now to pull the remaining moisture out of some vodka I’m distilling, and ordered these cheapies today (Bhogart’s could be better, who knows??)


I was literally gonna ask on here how people are removing water from ethanol and was gonna ask about molecular sieves, when I saw this thread.

Good information, and the price difference between the legit lab supply and amazon seems negligible. Let us know how the ones from amazon work out!

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What are the 5Å sieves used for in cannabis applications? To remove alkanes from…?

Would a convection oven work well to dry the sieves? Restaurant supply stores are stacked with those things and they’re super cheap…Or would a vacuum oven be required to help with the cooling process?

Any oven should work


Thats the setting i always set on the oven i used to dry my beads, then finish off in vac oven til cool.

For everyone else’s information, there are also “indicating” beads that not only absorb water, but change color as they do so. Typically they’re more expensive, but you can use them in a 1:10 ratio (Indicating:Non-Indicating) by weight.Typically they’re manufactured using cobalt and turn a bright blue color…pretty useful for knowing when you’re sieves are saturated.