SOLD Partial 2L Lab Society SPD setup SOLD

I’ve got a couple of things to offer, starting with a very basic 2L Mantel (Basic as in nob controls, and no place for a thermo.), 2L BF, 24/45 Head (Has vigeroux the whole way inside, all connections are in perfect condition.), and lastly is a 3 way cow. And lastly (almost forgotten) is a Glas-Col soft 2L Mantel (Mantel alone, no controller). Pictures show everything. and I’ll take more if requested. Looking for $600/OBO… Willing to trade for other SPD stuff (I have a smaller setup and need a few things.), or trade for CLS stuff. If you’re interested hit me up!
Edit: Sorry, I have a shitty phone that takes shitty photos

photos looks good,nice phone! :money_mouth_face:

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Is that a 2L head? Or a 5L maybe?


i mean the head itself doesnt really equal the size of your flask, however he stated the joint is 24/40 so i would imagine this was (as the title states) designed as a 2L and not a 5L which would probably have a larger glass joint on the head.


Yes, it is designed to be a 2L head. Given that it’s 24/40 I wouldn’t think that it would be as efficient as it needs to be to be 5L
Edit: I have 2 of these heads, and the other is exactly the same. I have it for my 500ml BF, or at least that’s what I intend to use it on

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Copy that.

I was just trying to compare it to one on their site. Its not very user friendly maybe its just my phone.

Most 2L heads ive seen are 45° and that one looks like 60° is why I was really asking

Im looking to piece together a kit but I want to get a silvered head. Probably 5L i havent decided yet


Bring Up My Post!!!
Will consider trades


Asking price for 2l glass only?
(So I can think of possible trades)


Let’s say $450 (shipped)
Edit: I’d include the soft mantel regardless. I have no use for it outside the 2L flask…

You know only Lab Society is the only glass company offering a silvered head. Have you asked yourself why?? Well I have been doing a ton of research on electroless plating or silvering and did you know that Silver Nitrate has a melting point of 212C. I dont think I want Silver Nitrate pooling in the bottom of my boiling pot.


I dont think I want a vapor temp of 212 either lol but fair enough


Silvered heads are pointless. Silvering doesn’t do anything for high temps. And in fact people have noticed at high temps the silvering sends out energy into the room cooling the glassware much more rapidm. The reason for this is called thermionic electron emission. Silvering is a low temp option for max 100c projects. On distillates heads it doesn’t reflect anything. The coating internally ok the glass acts like a heat magnet and sucks heat out while it changes the thermal properties of the glass and emits alot of energy into the room.


They don’t use silver nitrate. They use a quasi silver nitrate that is actually mostly aluminum and some silicate power mixed in. That perticular silvering is a super low quality chemglass version they use. Silvering is sorta toxic and not for high end glass companies to do. Most refuse it.

I got a patent a while back for dual layer glass setup. It far beyond exceeds all the heads on the market for core temperature control.

Every glass engineer I’ve encountered disagrees with all that.

Which is why glass distillation heads are often silvered, and probably why LS and BR followed suit

They silver the inside of the outer jacket glass. You would have to completely smash your head to get any of the coating into the boiling flask


Bwahahahahaha. Go talk to more people. And start asking about thermionic electron emission with metalic or semi metallic coatings on materials with different thermal capabilities.

There are better ways to insulate heads, I for one am aware of this and take full advantage…instead of just coating the jacket of a head and pushing nonesense about it to customers.

I’ve learned from technicians in field that silvering is used for highly volatile products in motion. At about 100c is the maximum benefit. I’ve even heard rumors it’s even lower than 100c. The concept is that if the room itself is at a low delta to the head then the silvering as such works to retain those extra couple of degrees in flow. Id the room is say 74f like normal room or cooler even and the head has a high delta from the room. The silvering acts as a magnet that absorbs heat waves onto a plane and then immediately transfers it to the glass and so forth. The boasting effort in rapidly cooling into a room and turning then into heatsinks is the also the physical effect of thermionic electron emission.

There’s a season why your posting archaic old rewritten documents about heads because as the years go by we technical guys learn new things about the current technology and ways to improve.

In the case of the spinning band as well as high temperature emissions in the room the ready why they silver is more becusee of how tall the column is and how unstable it is in temp. It does help but a cold room with a silvered column that is large and not enclosed will still have heat retention and eveness.

I can’t edit the main post anymore, that being said, price drop to $550 shipped…

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Bump-a-roo! Come on, someone’s got to have something that they want to trade for a solid SPD glass set! (Cash is also nice)