"slabbability” of CBD vs CBDA

I’m looking for proof of concept at this point. I know that there are some strains that would stay within the legal limits after blasting. Is anyone familiar with these strains? Has anyone dabbled in this yet?

pull and snap…harelquin/Tsunami cross. non-compliant at 75+% CBD 4-5% THC

sucking on it for days might have firmed it up, but why would I want to lose the terps…goal is solvent gone, not glass.

did you explore https://future4200.com/search?q=CBD+shatter ?


I’ve been puffing ACDC for 18 months, in addition to many others, but ACDC daily. The ACDC is a 20:1, makes a nice snap and pull but never shatter. I run cold and dont soak, n butane. Lots of terpenes. Its non compliant as an extract. The flower it grows is very nice, and extracts well.


Thanks dude

I was looking for anyone trying to make it Compliant. I’ll check out the other thread.

Xerist you ever mess with ratios on the tane for better results on the stability?

If you want shatter I suggest making sauce, pouring off the terps, decarbng the isolate into CBD then blend cbd with maybe half the total terps yield in butane and purge

Look up the term “terpsolate” people have been doing this for years


Shatter is generally not possible, dank ass dabable extract made from hemp totally possible, compliance is another topic and requires very specific inputs


Is it just lack of supremely quality product? I haven’t seen a comparable 5 star indoor flower to a higher end hemp flower.

Allowing for dank extracts just not shatter as you stated?

Terpsolate seems like a waste of terps :slight_smile:

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I don’t have access to lab testing, but I’m having issues crystallizing Mendo Breath, could be cbd?

Not at all. Terpene profile is such that losing enough terps to get shatter is difficult.

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Is this a tendency with all hemp?

When you look at all the hemp currently being produced there is certainly a lack of quality material in relation to junk. But even with quality material shatter is not a normal outcome. Ive had plenty of success in pull and snap consistency and even some success with sauce. Compliance quickly becomes the big challenge. Lots of hemp strains are barely compliant when grown in a field let alone when done as quality indoor buds; compound that with concentration and youre looking at 5% total thc easy.


I was using indoor grown flower or trim. Flower routinely tested around 20% CBD.

Patient fave was blended with Blue Dream flower before extraction. Or maybe, just like me, they injoyed how CBDBD rolled off the tongue :thinking:

That I could get “closer” to a shatter.

I actually think it’s a specific terpene, closely linked (genetically) to the high producing CBD allele as it came in from hemp. Tastes like artificial cherry to me.

Not all hemp will have that linkage, but a large number of the “high CBD” lines I’ve dabed have exhibit this phene.


I have found that lifter will make a pull and snap. The slab has to stay in the oven way longer than normal. Only wash with a max of 5 lbs of tane to 1 lb of material. Do a quick wash nor super cold. No CRC. I find if you use freshly dried material you can keep the thca number high and the thc delta9 number low.
I only go by delta 9 if it is below .3 delta 9 it’s good for me. Regardless of what the thca is.


It’s been only a month or two since I thought the same thing that all cbd has that cherry taste. I thought it was a high bp terp that was always coexisting with CBD. Then you, @cyclopath told me they have bred that taste out of hemp.

Now, I’m on a hemp farm and you could only find a few phenos with that cherry taste. I just finished a phenomenal pheno hunt last night got some real winners coming. My favorites were the Bubba kush pheno that smells just like some pre 98 Bubba and the cookies and cream which smells just like the popular cookies and cream strain by exotic genetics.

Making cbd shatter is challenging but there’s no reason you can’t do it if you decarb and re dissolve.

Can’t wait to prove it to you guys. Hopefully I can convince new boss man to buy old boss man’s bho rig soon


yes there is. you just decarbed!
you want CBDA for shatter…

least that’s what folks using hydrocarbons are aiming at.

given that CBD also crystallizes, I’m forced to admit that I have no idea about the “slabbability” of CBD vs CBDA

edit: :man_facepalming: yes I do…Anyone make CBD Terpsolate/ Shatter?

thanks for reminding me how great this stuff is at defeating recall.


Lol I just changed the thread name to that. Sorry OP


It’s always been my assumption that CBDA was what was desired for slabs. CBD would sugar up on ya or turn to a wax maybe? Anyway, slabs dont want crystal formation…


I’d disagree. you get to keep the 1/2 that you didn’t add back.

with “shatter” made in a vac oven you just run those extra terps through your vac pump to atmosphere…

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