"slabbability” of CBD vs CBDA

I’m reading about making hard candy it sounds like we need zero water content, small amount of impurity (fats or other cannabinoids) to inhibit crystallization and finally a very warm solution prior to pouring the slab.

Am I missing anything? Gosh I hate making shatter. @norcal is pretty savvy with the heat gun tek

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not so much “bred out”, although that works as a description.

I prefer “broken linkage” so they no longer both end up in the same plant.

when you perform a cross, you get “random assortment” of characteristics from mom & dad. except when the characteristics are close together on the same chromosome. in which case they will show a biased inheritance pattern

below shows the difference between linked & unlinked. linked means that most of the time there are no recombination events (whole reason for the existence of sex) that will separate the two. so if mom was CBD & cherry, so go her CBD seeds.


“breaking linkage” doesn’t mean moving the gene to a different chromosome, genes don’t move around like that (they do, but that’s another story).

It means swapping the allele mom had for the allele dad had (see homologous recombination)


Anyone ever thought to do this except also add a hot slab to dilute the THC content with Thc-free isolate?

“Isolate” should have very little THC in it to begin with…so one should be leery of those offering “T-free isolate”.

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selling point to noobs…

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the easy way to compliance :wink:


We do a CBD terpsolate product, we use botanical terps and isolate. We use botanical terps for those vs. hemp derived for our “shatter/slab” just to guarantee that the isolate variant is 100% T-Free. I’ve had some hemp terps actually have a pretty good amount of residual THC in them.

We package them in little inserts to dose them out easier.


Slick packaging! Good reasonable dosage too. Looks super handy for travel, or for making mix packs of different terp profiles.

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Yeah they’re really good for on the go! They work well with the hunibadger and other dip devices. People seem to mix them with their regular THC dabs.

The one thing I don’t like about the packaging is the amount of plastic. I’m hoping we can make version 2 more green and still childproof.

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I have observed the cherry pheno in many of the certified dioecious varietys of EU list…

I was allways under the impression that terpenes do travel with a specific chemotype and morphological characteristic…

In a field of thousands of different plants the stogy broadleafed one and paired with the myrcene smell allways indicated a higher thc count compared to a sweeter and more loosely packed light green flower. The difference was 10-20x in thc… Also sound a Nycdiesel but it was as rare as the cherry…

There is a paper that describes somw really cool morfochemo relations…

So a GCms and a skilled botanist could help dispose of marker assisted selection for at least the less ecobomicaly blessd. :slight_smile:

If I find this phenotype on the field ill d3finetly put it on a GC for if its lost due to genetic errosion we might still have a chance of conserving it for future breeding purposes…

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Slab me up fam.

Tbh I’ve been afraid to harvest these cbda crystals in fear they will melt. In the jar, room temp, under pressure there are no issues but I believe the melting point of cbda is quite low


I’ve got cbda crystals that have been stable at room temp for well over a year. Strain em, they should be fine.


Agreed I’ve got some cbda that’s been sitting out in my computer room from @AshevilleExtracts which probably fluctuates from 68-80°f and it’s been good for several months. Spin that shit bruhh


There’s some fat rocks in this jar. Definitely would be nice to strain them out


As mentioned above if you spin in an unchilled fuge you gotta be careful or it can melt into a homogenous sap. Here’s my super-secret tek.

Pop em in an oven at 40c or so and wait, you’ll get some pretty clean looking rocks just with a strainjob.
Now if I could figure out how to get the terp fraction below .3%…


Cool! I have one of those. Can get them from 5 Pack Canning Jar Basket — Chem Tek the waxplug


Old thread but I figured I’d add my two cents.

Definitely strainable - with enough fractions you can 100% get CBDA to slab up. No need to decarb. Here is my latest endeavor.