Show me your crc

With so much greentax and different versions I want to make a thread for those trying to build/design their own crc.
Mine is composed of a reducer with a sintered disc on it/sightglass/reducer. I fill it with celite. I use this to catch the fats right after winterizing and dump into a second chamber preloaded with powders, then it drops through the cone filled with celite to catch all the powders after it had adequate time soaking and into my collection pot.


Do you still use just B80?

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Yeah just b80


whats the line going into the reducer for?

For good luck.
Nah jk that’s the crc chamber. Its huge isnt.


is that line just for flushing the powders with fresh solvent at the end?

No it feeds my fat free solution in for color remdediation to happen in there. Once I soak I drop through to my pot. U can feed through top or bottom. Just make sure to pull fats off first and let it soak after. @Dred_pirate came up with the bottom feed for more interaction with the powders as it goes up and down.


ah okay that makes sense, I couldn’t see the top so I assumed it was being top fed through the column. I like that idea. Thanks for sharing your setup man, I like the way you build stuff out of what seems like things you have lying around and make it work!


Yea i have a huge tub of tri clamp parts. It’s like a Lego box. I probably rearranged my system 100 times already




6x3 column on a filter stack
25um paper under powders
5um welded disc
2um screen
6um paper
2um screen
2.5 paper


Yup. My this scrubbing method is already an improvement from my prior scrub. And my new toys are going to make it even better.


New toys? I’m intrigued… My new toy should arrive tomorrow!

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Not until I unveil it


This is just a 4x4 column attached to the bottom of material column before filter stack, and just use 3 micron papers in the stack below the b80
Going to work on different media as the b80 is causing stability issues

These are the chlorophylters we sell at Xtractor Depot for color remediation on a hydrocarbon closed loop.

They are filter stacks on top of a hemi with filter plate with 5u-20mesh screens on either side of the filter plate and filter paper in the stack for the powders.

You can put it on the bottom of your columns or right above your collection vessel. Chlorophylters for the collection vessel require something like a 2" reducer and a flat end cap, while those on a material column would need a hemi with a 1/2" port for a hose.

This is a picture of a small chlorophylter mounted on top of a small collection vessel in our showroom:


I think you are gonna want a valve between collection and the filters. If that screen gasket gets warped from a blowout then your whole system is gonna leak rather than just the filter stack.

Post deleted now I’m talking to myself lol


Cool is that what haggard made? My current version is something very similar…the glass one finally craked.
I put the sintered disc in the 4in reducer and filled the gap with celite, I use the screen to keep things in place and help flow, and the spherical cap allows for space for the fats/adsorbents to fall in and be dumped making it easy to reset.


@Killa12345 special.


fk yeah I had same plan thanks for sharing