I have start my trail and error with seeding! I pour off then drop 2-3 mm Thca seeds, then into the fridge to crash. I have two samples going, one which I crushed up the seeds and one which I did not crush them. Once I see the solution crash I move to the oven. Came back two days later and the bottom was caked with crystals!!! I am beyond impress with the result. But this would be my second attempt using a different gas each time. Check my instagram for videos @Unspokenpeace


What temperature was your fridge? Did you get better results with crushed up seed or not?

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I got a better crash with it being crushed! I got that one from my good friend at @ErrlyStar420!!


Wouldn’t it be necessary to develop an SOP for each cannabinoid that you want to crystalize out? Does crystallization as you have described work only on THCa or does it work on all the important cannabinoids?

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Many cannabinoids will crystallise - d9 being the obvious exception - but the more significant factor would be the expression of cannabinoids in the starting material.

A high CBD flower extract will give CBD crystals. A high THCa flower extract done at cold temperatures will give THCa crystals.

For crystals to form, you need a solution which is super-saturated with your compound of choice. How you get that solution is the most challenging part. Genetics, chromatography and LLE are all currently viable options.


Super sorry for the delay! :call_me_hand: this from exactly 5 days after I started sample A. On sample B it has not completely cover the bottom. So it moving a little slower, but still good development given the time frame! Hope this helps on the visual side of things. Give me a follow at @unspokenpeace !!!
='have a kick ass rest of the day :fist_right::gem::honey_pot::fist_left: :call_me_hand: :pray:


Great pics!

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Is Sample A the crushed sample or uncrushed?

Super sorry this is the crushed sample. I felt that I could of pushed it a little longer for better formations. But couldn’t help my self!! :call_me_hand:

how much material did you run to start with?

Question for u guys : i have had my material in glass jars for about 2 weeks. I seeded two of my jars and 1 without. It’s been in the oven on 90 with no vac. Nothing forming yet. What am I doing wrong? I have no opened the jars and would really like some help. Thanks

Also 1st time I have heard about crashing. Can I still put in freezer to crash and at what temp?

Clmac13 I would be willing to bet u have too much solvent present in your jars. I ran into the same problem on a few different occasions which allowed me to figure out that I was not only leaving too much solvent in my mother liquid, but also I was keeping my jars absolutely air tight (both situations are counterintuitive for this process) initially I had placed a smaller jar with my material in it, inside a larger jar since I was scared of leaks. My plan of having the first jar leak into the 2nd jar, pressurizing the 2nd jar, preventing my 1st jar from leaking any further…the plan worked but that’s when I found out that all I did was basically preserve my sample lol… I had way too much solvent present as well as none of the solvent was being evacuated. I had a 1lb nug run sit for for 6 weeks and didn’t get a damn thing! That’s when I began screwing around with it and trying to figure out what the problem was…
I placed my jar inside a saturated solution of salt water and placed in my regular freezer to reduce the built up pressure so that I could safely open my jar. ( i know i shouldn’t use my regular freezer and I was out of dry ice but this worked just fine)
After opening the jar I left the lid off the jar and just let it vent for about an hour maybe…you’ll have to decide how long for your situation. But you want the jar’s contents to actually be fairly…not thick…but…jelly like? After opening your jar and allowing it to re-climatize, the purge bubbles will begin and I’ve found that watching the bubbles and how they form/travel through the solution and pop are all good ways of knowing when your contents are thick enough to begin crystalization.
(Side note; not dewaxed = thick dark opaque syrup like terp portion with small sandy Crystal’s throughout, WHEREAS fully dewaxed = thinner, lighter, clearer terp portion, with faceted diamond growth.)
Once I thought I had let it purge long enough I placed the lid back on tightly and placed inside the larger jar again (I had not figured out that the “2 jar tech” was counterproductive at this point) and so after an additional week I still hadn’t had any growth.
So again I placed back into the salt water/ice bath and began freezing my jars again although this time things wer noticeably different…I had decided at this point, I was going to attempt to seed my jar with some thc-a Crystal’s to see if i could force something to crash out…and so once my jars were cold enough I opened them both up and to my surprise the entire contents of my material jar were frozen!?!..pretty much solid, and to my surprise there was what I believe to be a small puddle of butane/solvent belnd sloshing around ontop of this frozen terp/cannibinoid solution lol…which makes sense since that puddle was most likely in the vapor state initially and so once the contents froze the solvent re-condensed ontop of everything.
Initially extremely puzzled, I was unsure of what to do because I had wanted to just tilt the jar on its side so that I could attempt to place the seeding Crystal’s at the bottom of the jar, but since everything was frozen I had to take my lab spatula and carve down the side of this “warming up” “super thick syrup consistency” product and basically bury the seeds.
And about 3-4days later in the oven and bam! I had growth!
Sorry for the long message but hopefully u can pick everything apart and figure out what u may need to do for your situation…
#1-make sure u dont have an excess of solvent present
#2- dont worry if ur jar lid bends and pops and even leaks a little bit
#3 all else fails, seed your solution with thc-a Crystal’s and crash out what ever is available


Here is what they look like

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So I should open them , put them in the freezer until i see crystal growth and then back into the oven at 85?

That looks extremely similar, going from warm to cold wont help if you hadn’t had any luck so far.
Do u have access to some nice THC-A Crystal’s? Even if u go to a dispensary and buy some thca crystalline or if ur somewhere where u can buy some nice diamond sauce or similar product and then try placing a small amount of crystalline product into your solutions. I would recommend trying to bury the crystals/seeds ti the bottom of your jar. I guess this will apparently help keep an organized crystal growth at the bottom of your jar however when I seeded mine I was left with a mass production of lots and lots of smaller crystals all throughout my jar. Hope this helps

Thanks for the response. The first jar on the left and the middle jar have been seeded. I put the thca crystals with the oil in the beginning and closed the jars. They have been in the oven since then. Just don’t know what I am doing wrong. The only step I left out was the crash I am guessing that is the problem.

If you just leave alone nucleation will happen, the ones taking longer, you’ll have bigger crystals if you don’t open, bc the slower the evaporation of the tane and the terpenes slowly reacting also, I don’t care what anyone says, no SEEDS are needed, you have all the ingredients already! Nucleation will happen over time, that’s your best friend, to get a good separation it can take up to a month! Everything will be fine, all else fails, open the jar give slight stir to casue faster evaporation. This is all this will do, recap then wait, the ones slow will instant start that night, but if you leave alone, the only reason nothing happening is your getting EXACTLY what you want, a slow evaporation, some of us do things to insure an even longer evaporation like 65f, you will get bigger much larger crystals! But you’ll get the same large ones if you just leave alone, it took me forever to gain that much patients! Good luck bro and I really hope some the big dicks back me up around here about nucelation and no seed is necessarily needed… Best wishes!


Thank you very much i really appreciate it. Just want to make sure I am on the right track. :100::+1::medal_sports:

You almost can’t go wrong making sauce unless you make all the errors I did when I started, I found out about ten different ways not to do it… And first few attempts at shatter I over purged and budder, after that was thinking I was on the right track to sauce, boy was I wrong…
Jarring your mother solution**
( you must let at tons tane evap first,referring to ppl purging then jarring, no tane, vs letting boil down some, then jarring, with tane)**
with or without butane, and after enough time, 3 to 4 weeks Max, nucleation will happen if not just started,

I even think when most of us open the jar to Seed it, just the opening part was your REAL seed, now I understand the seed will speed the process bc it gives it something to start forming off of it I’m correct, but I’m pretty sure opening part is really making major difference, wish we could Seed without opening, then just open, to see if really the difference thanks though, not arguing, isn’t this how new things are discovered, along with the probably hundred of other great things in cannabis. Spread the LoVE