Scientific Solutions gets Hacked

Extraction Companies are now targeted for phishing scams with attempts to get business wires.

Just make sure you always verify authenticity of sender and double check by contacting directly before sending $

Dodge this domain <— FAKE EMAILs from this address are being sent.

They knocked off their domain and added an extra s in the URL (to begin this phishing campaign)

Looks like they’ve got it handled in contact / getting the issue addressed.


Yeah I can probably guarantee that cocksucker @Chriatian is behind it. He took me for a “down payment” to secure a falling film. Also scammed someone else #scammer


Can you track down more information about that? @Scisolinc @scisolinczack

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we’re working on it currently should have info shortly after the police report is sent to the bank and they release the info


Oh damn.

Wild catching up on this.
This is going to end very badly imo.
Phishing = jail time imo.

Wire Fraud, Impersonation, Deceptive business practices, theft, Phishing. Sure looks like you nailed it on the head @MedicineManHempCo

The worst part to me is recognizing that the phishing website was purchased on March 29th 2023, 8 months later he takes the entire CRM / sales contact list / then spams them with fake details to fraud the customers and the business. The fact this guy went for a round 2 on this lesson is beyond crazy. For his sake I hope it’s someone else.

They caught the scam in less than two weeks at least.

I’m assuming all emails / CRM data is in this persons hands and I appreciate reading they will assist with Identity protection services for those affected.


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Let it be known that I blew the whistle on that guy over a year ago. Sucks he got more people…


Let’s find him and take payment in the form of his butthole….


I’ve witnessed you develop an obsession.

Been an obsession


Someone who owns a farm should build a chicken coup prison and toss the phishing scammer in it. :smile::octopus:

I doubt this is his real info, but here is the bullshit google docs invoice he sent me:

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It still very much may be another party from all information I’ve been granted. Out of respect for SciSol I’ll gladly await their shared updates. I can say it’s been incredibly fascinating in trying to aid their discovery and I know the responsible parties will be nailed.


Fuck yeah. Fucking hate scammers, can’t wait to see who the fuckhead behind it is. I think doxxing of “Verified scammers”™️ should not only be accepted but also encouraged here. We’ve most certainly set a precedent with the previous scammers.


Bump. Sure looks like as time has changed, maybe a more accurate update on this story is due. Since the “hack”, team members have abandoned ship (including ownership shares) and pointed fingers at negative business practices.

Let’s not forget this moment less than a year ago, while keeping current events recognized.

Coincidences are rare.