Safety in your isomerization please


I see a ton of people on here asking questions about isomerization, and I feel like a lot of you (myself included) really aren’t equipped to start down this path.

My first attempts, after washing the acids away, left me with something after dabbing that closed up my lungs and I thought I was asphyxiating for a solid minute. I ran it through my GC and saw 24% unknown cannabanoids.

So many questions with kilo batches and y’all are just selling whatever you make.

Some of these byproducts can really fuck people up.


If you’re not analytically testing your output… DONT FUCKING SELL IT.

If you’re getting more than 1% unknowns in your process… DONT FUCKING SELL IT

Test all of this stuff, please, for the love of God.

You very well might be responsible for the next wave of vitamin E acetate like deaths, and a huge crackdown accross our entire industry. Some of you might destroy many of our livelihoods because you don’t know what you’re doing.

If you don’t have in house analytics before trying this, then get them. If you can’t afford it, then don’t sell without dialed in procedures and testing EVERY batch. If you can’t afford to pay for testing, then you can’t afford to mess with this shit.

Please. For the love of all that is good. Don’t sell a SINGLE drop of this stuff unless you’re doing it properly, or the entire industry will suffer as a result.


Preach it!!!

I want this industry to last and continued failed conversions being put into the market is concerning.


Glad you’re okay! Thank you for sharing your experience so that others may not have to feel what you did or worse. I’m with you 100%!


This an important reminder. :warning:

What was that think you tested ? A d8 synthesis ? Any smell ?
Do you still have these data ?


Are you saying you dabbed it first then you ran analytics on your gas chromatograph. Methinks you may want to reverse that sequence always.


what he said ^

Yup! :roll_eyes: I really wanted a dab and didn’t wanna wait, did this a few months ago


you are absolutely correct. Sad thing is ive been asking for clean product, and nobody has any to sell. Everyone seems to be about making the quick buck and not giving a damn if it eventually kills someone

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100% !!!

lots of broke ass hempsters think they’re going to make up their green greed losses by converting and selling mystery crap that’ll kill people and subsequently the biz.


The FDA requires all drugs be tested for organic impurities. For drugs with a dosage of ≤ 2 grams per day all impurities ≥ 0.05 % must be reported, all impurities ≥ 0.10 % must be fully identified, and all impurities ≥ 0.15 % must be qualified. Identification at the very least would require GC/LC-MS retention time and fragmentation match with a reference standard. Qualification requires that the compound be tested for biological safety.


People want to be on the cutting edge, not concerned about cutting throats on the way up.


If we face another big wave of bans/sales, plus EVEN stricter requirements, it might just completely knock out smaller players in the industry. It hurts us all.


This is CBDokie’s “3rd pass 95% water clear” distillate, tested by VSW remediation pro bono. I sent another sample of the same stuff to Green Leaf labs who promised a machine readout/chromatogram with the results. I also sent one to energy control, but they don’t necessarily specialize in cannabinoids, more in novel substances and drugs in general.


That’s fukt

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I remember those results from that other thread. That’s definitely not a 95% batch lol

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We got some d8 from him as well. Will have additional COA back Monday as well. That’s definitely not encouraging…

95% batches are hard. A 75% is even harder lol


After reading a lot, I only trust @Roguelab when it comes to isomers.


Given 5% THC are still present, I think that the main unknown here is the intermdiate between d9 and d8, which I believe is 8-hydroxy-iso-hexahydrocannabinol ( 8-OH-iso-HHC ).

The 2% CBN also account for presence of oxygen during this synthesis.
So far I have not found d10 in my attempt, but presence of d10 here also accounts for quite extended reaction.

My guess is thus that they would not get further than such d8 yield using their current method…


I’m sure someone here could teach the hemp farmers to cook meth. Then maybe it’ll be safe to buy weed and dabs again.