Rso juice or soda

Hi there my fellow cannabis lovers:) my mum has been diagnosed with lung cancer cancer an obviously isnt smoking I’d like to be able to form a solution of rso that I can pop into her drinks obviously being an oil im going to need some help i would think as I’m no scientist and oil in water/fizzy/ natural juices doesn’t go well , and I dont have to many funds to waste on trying to make it work if that makes sense I need a “foolproof” plan all so to say lol. Peace and love to all

There’s an orange soda recipe on this website if you search. It uses limonene and works fairly well


put Rso on a spoon and eat it. Or get empty capsules and puts desired amount in them.

Unless you have some money to invest into it. Any of the cheapo ways won’t be reliable to deliver an accurate dose as would be very necessary when using for such a serious medical issue.

If you want to do it then the easiest way would be to make a tincture with MCT oil. You will need to order a homogenizer off eBay for $180 and mct oil from amazon. Determine your desired potency through simple math, warm your rso, add mct, and homogenize. You can fill it into a dropper bottle of of amazon. Then you can use the dropper to accurately dose dear old mom.

There are some really great threads on this site about exactly what you ask. For a better understanding I would recommend that.

My heart goes out to you and I hope she recovers.


Thanks for your reply!!! And your time and knowledge!!! I believe she will be against the capsule idea as hates any form of pills absolutely HATES anything she has to swallow in that sense so the liquid will have to be a trial whilst she has to get over the fact she doesn’t like capsules for the time being until I master the recipe and purchase a homogeniser, so looking these up , will that disperse the rso evenly throughout the mct oil and prevent it from separating once settled and generally infuse whatever liquid your trying to infuse with the rso much easier? So without it WILL seperate , il be prepared to put some funds in to get one of these homogensoers that’s not to steep and I’m fascinated by the science, if i was to homogneiser a mixture of mct oil an rso , how would I make this sweet so that once applied to her drink not taste lovely an fruity , instead of using mct would I just use a honey or something like that? Obviously want to make it so taste lovely an fruity not like rso or oil , and want it to stay in the drink once poured in!! The reply means more than the world to know people care Is lovely!!! Yeah I pray everyday she will recover on top of that I’ll do anything in my power to make it happen

I bought some grape salactis sort of syrup was just what I intend to make something like that, have you heard of it has rso 1500mg in 50ml of sugary liquid very sweet and very potently dosed but that’s was lovely stuff want to try make something similar

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I’m glad to see you’re passionate and full of questions!

This is where the fun begins.

Just type in “syrup” on the search bar and enjoy the rabbit hole.

eBay and amazon have all you need.

You’ll be gettin high on your own supply in no time.


I personally know a holistic cancer clinic that uses RSO with amazing results. Was just there a couple months ago and was blown away by the way it, among other things, were benefitting patients. Keep fighting the good fight. This site and the people and information on it is an incredible resource to help you find exactly what you and/or mom have in mind.

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Plan is to buy a homogeniser for 180/200 I have acquired some gum accai white powder to use as an emulsifier, so will just need to heat the rso , set the homogeniser to like it’s full power blending the base syrup an chuk the rso onto the homogeniser tool when running an with a but of gum accai an should prevent separation?

Be sure to heat your contents first to get an even blend. I haven’t made syrup so I can’t say much beyond that. I’m not a sweets kind of guy. I’m sure you will be fine though. There will always be separation. Just shake contents before use and it should be fine. Sounds like you are on track though. Let us know how it turns out!


You can look into making suppositories incase she has any adverse effects getting high from orally ingesting the rso.

I’m starting that now after having heard that’s how Tommy Chong beat his cancer. There are very easy recipes out there. I can post one if you’d like?

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How is this made

Here is a thread that has some good discussion on it, I havent tried anything myself. But I have had the product I pictured and it tasted great with some soda.

I have been making some oil based tinctures lately and have had great success with MCT, Sunflower oil, RSO, and 1% peppermint. If you mom has a different flavor she really likes you can probably find a MCT based flavor or just get the organic concentrated form. Do you know the potency of your RSO? If you need help formulating you can DM me.

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I helped my mom with rso. The original recipe with isopropyl. It was really effective and put her to sleep quite often. She used to put it on a cracker as she was not a cannabis consumer before diagnosis.

Cannabis will pave the road to your grave with rose petals. At least that is the hope even if it doesn’t completely cure.

Spread the love with these weird times!