Rosin to Distillate?

Hey guys.

I have a client asking me to turn a bunch of rosin into distillate.

is this something anyone has done?

Haven’t tried it. It should certainly be possible. I don’t see any technological hurdles.

You did mention that there are solvents involved right?

Have you suggested they look at re-squishing at low temps to get THCA isolate? On the off chance that they squished because they have religious objections to solvents contacting their meds…

I assume their desired endpoint is pens. There does seem to be a solventless route.
low temp re-squish to get THCA. Decarb. add back terp fraction from re-squish.

Having only just pulled my rosin press out of mothballs to explore this myself, I don’t have any data on efficiency or losses.

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I have turned rosin into distillate and purified it nicely. The sample I did had more of the usual of terpenes and waxes than shatter and such but it ran fine. It took apporximately 40% higher oil settings on the first pass but I ran without dewaxing because I wanted to do this 100% solvent free. It came out very clear out with more than usual left in the flask and difficult to clean.

If solventless was not an issue likely about the same as shatter but with more removed before the distillation owing to dewax, LLE, DCVC, or similar.


&^%^! I’m going to claim insufficient meds.

otherwise I would have remembered to point you at @Beaker’s seethru squish