Stabilizing high potency THC

My friend brought me some resin and I purified it totally without solvents. It was rosin pressed so he never used solvents. This means all waxes are left intact. I decided to run this and pull the waxes up just a bit for preserving. I mentioned this in another thread now I will show it.
This is the first low temp portion of the compound at very high purity but vulnerable to storage outside of vacuum.

When a positive indication of a few microns begins to show I can then adjust the temp up and stir bar up if I am wanting to drive these waxy parts up. This is the same run the first picture came out of but the cold finger put back in to catch this final fraction. I stopped the process with just a start of a wax layer. It is very thin and most was left in the boiling pot. It is obvious as the large white patch growing on top of pure D9 THC layer now. It didn’t quite cover it before I stopped.

This shows me stirring the waxy THC harvested now into the first pure fraction. I mixed it vigorously and pulled a biscuit then in the vac chamber. There is a side effect to driving the wax up and that is thermal breakdown and traces of smoke. This foaming action seems to negate it a bit as a flavor though I doubt most would even notice it.

To get it really mixed pull it up like a marshmallow! The dab on the mirror is not part of this lab.

This is my solution to stabilizing the compound. Kind of like putting wax on a paint job? :thinking:


I think there are better solutions to the problem; also waxes are not a very commercially accepted solution

  1. Awesome! See-thru Squish!!

  2. That looks way too much like two part epoxy.

  1. what does the pillow look like after it collapses? Clear again?

Clear. It would be a sharp eye that spotted that small addition. The taste is only noticeable if you are used to pure stuff and is faint. My friend got his sample back but of course shared some. He does not have a vacuum chamber being set up only for rosin. So this lab was really for his benefit in addition to learning. I know that sucking all the waxes up works to stabilize also in the past but too much is too much. It is nice being able to leave my dab out and not worry about degrading too much.

The real significance of this lab is that this is solvent free. No solvents to extract or process at all.

@cyclopath stop by the house and try a dab if you like. I am just loading my vape now. Time for a mind change…:blush: Also, do you remember how the pressure in the sublimator climbed to 3 microns or so? And then the temps had to be set over our target to run it? I figured out exactly what is going on with this lab. That bump in pressure indicates thermal breakdown and that bump is traces of “smoke” like byproducts being generated. This happened because I tossed in a junk dab full of wax before our second pass if you remember and I was confused why the temp was too high. It was high because I tossed in a bunch of wax without realizing.


It’s all about marketing! We see waxes being retained in pure compound. Customers might be able to see

“…the velvety smoothness and long lasting freshness of White Dream is made possible be selectively targeting and including the natural antioxidants that Mother Nature put into the plant to preserve the goodness.”

What do you think? An engineer is all about marketing the bullshit he does and what he says to look like beneficial organic plant growth stimulation compound, right? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Here it is this morning. I had to heat the Petri dish to get it to relax. More wax content equals thicker I guess. This is 100% solvent free from plant to this photo and the potency is top notch.

…just a hint of a playful tart aftertaste that lends body and character to this potent and relaxing blend… White Dream… at your favorite retailer soon… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You are my hero.

no pics? I would really like to see how this works out in the still…

there were pics in here when @Beaker first posted. @sidco ?!?

There was! the post was deleted and undeleted a few days later. not sure as to why - this purged the pictures (the one that works got reused in a reply, thus saved). I have backups with the original pictures but am not sure what went where (since the system changes the names and removes exif data from pics)

@Beaker do you mind repairing this post?

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Dab before adding wax. Very pure and solvent free process.

Dab and wax fraction.

Wax fraction being added now

Now after an overnight out of vacuum with waxes completely mixed and settled it.


you rock!

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Very nice! You ran the distillation with the wax in? Did it come over first to the chill finger?

thx for any words of wisdom

Yes the wax and everything else produced by a rosin press was left intact before the first ldistillation. The object was to take a friend’s rosin from his press and attempt to make it clear but without any use of solvent at all. Rosin went directly into my horizontal rig using kugelrohr bulbs but held vertical (3 bulbs). Then all was pulled down in vacuum and slowly raised in temp while one hell on a mess erupted into vertical bulb one lolz. Decarbing in these bulbs is simple because each bulb is almost a bump trap by itself.

Then once the material can be pulled down under temp without puking out of the boiling flask the catch bulb is heated and all the compound returned to the boil. A new clean bulb is swapped in and then everything is set horizontal and the terps are pulled across only.

Then all goes into the sublimator. The clue that all terps are depleted is the pressure gauge. When it pulls down below about ten microns they are depleted. I usually pull down to one micron but at times I just shut down at ten. They are surely gone from the boil and exist as gas only then just held because there is no real flow. Breaking vacuum will always cause trace volitiles to insta-condense in the bulbs anyway.

There are two ways to bring the waxes (or other targeted higher boiling compounds) up to the cold finger when under deep vacuum whether this is desired or not. Raising the temp and increasing the spin bar. Spin bar is best at doing this really because you end up chasing temps at this point pretty easy. You can churn up color if you spin fast enough. Normally I spin on as low a setting as it will go. Think of it like kicking up dust on a gravel road. We want just the dust so we go slow but if we want to start tossing gravel and bigger heavier rocks too then we speed up or carry heavy loads (heat). Order always tries to become disorder. The reason I can grab such purity is I do not have to kick much up very far to grab it. Just think about all the heat you need to kick up carried with the compound just to get it up to the downtake tube on a traditional rig. You have to kick up a lot of dust so to speak just to get it up the distillation column and over into the condenser and this is why purity then becomes a problem.

It is pretty simple once you get the hang of it. Vaping really helps to understand my explanations I think lolz.

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I find vaping makes most things more enjoyable (this site needs a vaping/dab rig emoji)

Wanting to try this on a big rig but I’m not surer I can kick it far enough up the column without making a giant glass candle. It looks like you are saying that the waxes will come over before or with the terps? Then you just use the sublimator to separate while the cannabinoids come later in the normal doing their thing way?

Waxes need much more energy than cannabinoid to cause them to pull up to the cold finger. Terps are long gone by the time the compound goes to the sublimator. The technique to drive waxes up is the same as the goof up that drives them up on accident if left in.

I have enormous opportunity in a sublimator because I can “grind” up compound with the stir bar. I have multiple stir bar configurations and some are better than others at this owing to mostly the mechanical challenges of keeping a stir bar spinning true on a convex dome of glass when running the glass dry (bottom inside of sublimator). Temp plays a role a bit too but if you try to drive very much up by sizzling the boiling flask then generally it pulls much more and generally fairly nasty stuff up as well.

As with any evaporative process the lower the temp can be set and the lower the agitation energy input via the stir bar then the higher the purity will be like for the waxes you see. In a sublimator the trade off to being about the shortest path distillation type operation you could ever have is that the unit itself has zero fractioning ability once any of the liquid becomes gas. Once it is liberated as a gas in a vacuum considered mean free path flow conditions (MFP) then you get it whether you want it or not. MFP simply means the vacuum has become so deep there are very few molecules left floating around. So then the rules change. MFP means that on average a gas molecule will travel a straight line until it hits a vessel wall and not bump into any other molecule. Without other molecules to alter it’s path as it flys along the path is straight as an arrow and in fact the gas cannot flow around corners because that action actually requires a gazillion other molecules to herd each other around as they travel up and around things. Packing in a column will halt all distillation under MFP conditions because gas cannot flow around it.

In the sublimator it means that deviating much more than about 10C from optimal will produce higher boiling compounds as well in addition to the target if those compounds are present. Temp control on the sublimator is absolutely critical and if I were to design a computer controlled unit then I would incorporate an output that turned on a voltage and delivered a cattle fence shock to the operator every time they reached up to adjust the temp upward…

Trying to pull waxes up through a short path head seems to me problematic at best (really high temps required to drive up waxes in a SPD rig would break them down methinks) so likely I would simply boil them in methanol then freeze them to crash them out. Mine get pretty white just pulling them past an Alumina column during dewax if only methanol is used. One of my posts on this blog regarding solvent and waxes used this kind of washed wax.

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I get it now. I am thinking of something different. Frac distillation pulling terps and canna’s while leaving behind the waxes. Maybe doing a post distillation cleaning of the boiling flask remnants. I have read about people using the wax like butter. That seems like a poor choice because it could be nothing or you could spend the after noon crying in a corner.

Temperature is always the enemy. I have the liberty of telling people not to touch the damn equipment or get the hell out of my lab :slight_smile:

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