Revursed osmosis


Since little research has been done on N-butane RO
I am considering starting with this solvent to see the outcome
Since in the advise given by lenntech iT should be far cheaper to do tests cause of the pressure already there and. Easely changed by Ading N2
So butane at 3 bar propane/butane mix at 5 bar
I want to start with a membrane of the rack by evonic called puramem that is for organic solvents
Next week i meet up with lenntech for they
Have promissed me membrane housings in stainlesssteel and see from there


So your saying they are bigger than 100A aswell?

Angstrom to dalton



Playing with Duramem and Puramem …


Yep so puramem for now
Not a singel testing facility wants me :confounded:
IT is still a illagal substance here
So If You Guy s have Any means feel free to try


If it ia a matter of testing get this little rascal!


That is Nice indeed
But i refered to revursed osmosis testing facilities / labs
The have several difrent RO machines
And data loggers setup
All You have to bring is money and your membranes and play around
Really ideal :cry: But not for me


what about a similar molicule you could prototype it with?

close enough?


Briliant :grinning:


Ok so i take all the fractions from a 1 pass distillation then take whats left after cannabinoid distillation in the boiling flask
Ad about 60% of volume of dimethylheptylpyran
Ad the fats from winterization
And off i go to see what happens :grinning:
Any sugestions ?

Anybody works with this ?


That seems a hair on the small side to be labelled “ramping up botanical extraction”. Even in 2016.

Functionally, it is no different from a manifold you could assemble yourself for a fraction of the price.

this is not the product I’ve got, but it’s the same scale & concept


I suspect there are better solutions at this scale, and imo this solution should probably not be scaled further…but it does get the job done, and is clearly a step up from the array of 120mm Buchners in 2L sidearm flasks it replaces.


Well what i Showed is a bench pilot revursed osmosis apparatus
Capable of handeling the avonics solvent membranes
I am trying to get info on revursed osmosis results on oil seperation from solvent Either ethanol or butane
But i agree what You yust showed is pretty close


Shit You. Are right send the wrong info


for the record, what you linked to was a vacuum manifold and 3 glass funnels. not a “pilot reverse osmosis apparatus”.

A buchner & a vac pump may well be all you need to test a reverse osmosis membrane, but doing so is not the subject of the blog post.

hence my confusion…

Edit: time distortion too? awesome…


Sorry man i am Reading so much lately on the subject My head spins
Thx You were right noting special what i showed
I apprisiate your input and all other education You have provided (a lot )
Keep up the good work and sorry again :hushed:



I suspect
will be easier for most folks here to assimilate.


Comprehensive Membrane Science and Engineering vol I.pdf (6.6 MB)
Comprehensive Membrane Science and Engineering vol II.pdf (6.2 MB)
Comprehensive Membrane Science and Engineering vol III.pdf (3.4 MB)
Comprehensive Membrane Science and Engineering vol IV.pdf (2.8 MB)

Some light reading in case any of you are interested in the book cyclopath linked. The linked chapter is in Volume 2, section 2.05, starting on page 88 or so depending on how your reader handles page counts.

This is the previous edition to the one linked, but the content is going to be very similar.

I talked to someone the other day who claims to have made this work at a very large scale. I can’t confirm if that’s actually true or not, but there’s no reason it wouldn’t work in theory.