Revursed osmosis


Hey thats slick!


How much is the test apparatus?


Well i send them a mail for the small one i put up on the post and iT was around 2000 euro exclusif of membranes

But after talking to an expert hè recomended doing tests of more steps so Carbon filtration nano filtration and then revursed osmosis
Hè also recomended using a pilot machine for doing these test Wich
The company also has .
he doesn t think sieving treu the membranes Will give much trouble
But really having iT work is a different game since temparature is quit a factor
And there are Many membrane producers that don t fit the small unit but do fit the pilot unit making iT more versetile for testing
And i haven t asked for a quote yet on the pilot system sorry
IT s probably over My budget anyway


O one more thing
Hè told me that the first time You wet a membrane iT was very important to wet iT with a 100% ethanol as pure as possible
For that they work better that way


Ok so a lot of revursed osmosis units work with pressures ranging 40 bars
I wonder If butane liquid recovery would work since 3 bars is avarage
The membranes dont seem to like hexane but Maybe butane is less harsh😀
Just thinking not to serious


Does anyone know the angstrom size of terpenes and cannabinoids?
I know cannabinoids are over 60a or else we wouldnt be using silica60a as a filter aid.


Check chemspider wakawakalj was so kind to find me sizes there
They are in dalton guess you would have to recalculate to angstrom



Recently, experimental evidences have shown that in the aqueous phase, water molecules can permeate through GO membranes while blocking the passage of ions3 and molecules such as ethanol4, methanol, propanol5 and others

Which won’t help with the ethanol from cannabinoids you’re proposing.

Doesn’t meant there isn’t another membrane, or even that graphene oxide is wrong (it might, not a materials chemist).


It would certainly remove tramp h20 from the ethanol. Thats the part that caught my eye. Perhaps it could be the solution to dewatering we have been seeking.


Fair enough.

solvent recovery is still the bigger issue :slight_smile:


Yep polypropyleen seems to have prospect can be made extreme hydrophobic
Bummer that as soon as something is made for
Laboratory, weddings or baby s theres a hefty price tag atached :blush:
Would have bought all membranes and pilot tester at once


For a 4 year old article membranes have revolutionized since then

For those not so familiar with revursed osmosis a plain english explanation
Of abreviations and process
So for people like me😀


Any one has acces to research gate ?
Some recent articals on revursed osmosis and nano filtration of solvans [quote=“Soxhlet, post:30, topic:2750”]


I do. But you can also grab em from just copy and paste the DOI# from research gate (or wherever else) press enter and wha-la!


Get me ducktape , tyrips and i fix the world but computers make me panic :grinning:

N butane research starts half way in the paper


Lipids are in the 280 or less range. So a <300Da filter would catch all cannabinoids except maybe THCv. Quercitin, bifen, and pyrethrin would still make it past the 300Da filter.


100A silica is popular for flash chromatography of cannabinoids as well.