Reversing decarboxylation: THC to THCA method

I don’t know if I am posting in the right category.

So yeah, what the title says, what are the methods for converting the oil again into white crystals?


its not easy and hardly scalable. Seen a few methods floating around; but MMC seems to be the most ideal; and is the method i have the most experience with.

Edit: heres a scihub link for the full pub


Thank You!! I dont need it now, I will study it and ask you. :pray:

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why do folks always assume that their question is novel?

not saying there are no new questions (that would suck!).

Just imploring folks to first explore the possibility that some other mother fucker has already gotten high and flagged said rabbit hole.

Edit: thanks @RockSteady for the kinder/gentler/and more informative response. I’ll crawl back in my hole…


I typed thc to thca on the search bar of this forum and found nothing…
So this motherfucker made his efforts!!

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I thought I was being novel and @future had me beat on that one. And I’m sure many before him had thought of it first

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(pointing at this thread as a hit to @CrazyGoat’s query was clearly non-productive…doh!!)

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mm… and it wasnt really at the bottom… I will pay more attention next time

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so… Search results for 'thc to thca' - Future4200

Carboxylation - Adding the "a" back to THC

more than 50 hits…so you actually have to spend some time (less than a min) scrolling through those results to find what you’re looking for (kids these days…).


Thank you Cyclopath, within RockSteady method, and this I have a lot to study for sure.

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no worries. not trying to get your goat.

just a general observation that googlefu seems to be a neglected art.

I’ve got a 20yr old at home that until recently (12 months?) didn’t hit return on his google searches…if the all knowing one didn’t suggest what he was looking for AS he typed it, he assumed there was no answer. in his defense, he’s dyslexic, and developed the strategy in response to his piss poor spelling, but I still give him grief for it…


Not to be pedantic, but your link doesn’t yield either topic in the top 50 for me.

Search results for ‘thc to thca’ - Future4200.pdf (1.1 MB)

I suspect that is more accurate, dyslexia not withstanding. People know what they see and what they experience personally; if they have never had to hit enter - why would they believe it was ever required or part of the process in the first place?

It is, most people do not have the tools or understanding to effectively break down their questions into the constituent components. This requires more than an understanding of the topic

It would be more helpful to show people how to get to the answers they need, rather than assuming they lacked the will to get there; they may only lack the appropriate tools.

If @CrazyGoat typed “THC to thca” and got a results page similar to mine (which funny enough included this post), there’s no wonder he might object to the notion he didn’t try to search for the answer first. Might even take offense to the idea.

This forum did a great job of quickly getting him to the relevant information. Not one post explained or touched on why ‘THC to THCa’ might not be the best search term for what he’s seeking.

I find myself asking: How you get someone to take a known term “Decarboxylation” and apply critical thinking (regarding how words are structured in our language) to come to a term they have never seen before: carboxylation, and have that happen naturally?


I wonder if the search bar delivers different results for different people


I would be moderately surprised if it didn’t. I would think the search bar would be trying to get you to a previous context first


That was my process, then I took that term over to Google scholar.


Mine as well, though this process doesn’t come naturally to my mind and is something I must be conscious of. Most of the time I consume information 3 times, first to get a clue and start the search, then again with new understanding of the topic but without practical application or experience, and then, with some foundational experience for which the information becomes more clear and true understanding occurs.

I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who learned math by reading the answers and figuring out the why from there


Which is why I usually type the query, skip “context” and check if it yields before posting queries as responses.

The leap from “Decarboxylation” to “carboxylation” seems natural/trivial to me, but I took two semesters of Latin in middle school, and get etymology isn’t hardwired into everybodies exploration of their whirled.

I’m going to have to explore that when I get back to a keyboard…

Yeah, check my edits…I too hit this thread…:shushing_face:


People, when I said that for typing thc to thca in the forums bar I made my efforts I was trying to be funny and giving the right to cyclopath… Obviously, I didn’t made them.
I didn’t try it hard enough and I ask sorry for that…

“Decarboxylation” to “carboxylation” seems natural/trivial to me as well, Spanish is my first language, a Latin one.

But sometimes chemistry (I suppose) is not as easy as if decarb is from thca to thc then carb is from thc to thca… So I still think thc to thca in the bar is the most obvious first try search for someone who doesn’t know chemistry.


To be honest searching for this stuff can often turn up no results or no good results. The information to answer the OP’s question exists but they couldn’t find it so they asked. That makes sense to me.

Also I have been searching for a good 20 minutes and didn’t find a good clean procedure. If I find one I will bring it back here.

There’s a lot to filter through and this is a reminder we need more volunteers for the wiki.

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