Hi Everyone,

I was wondering if anyone had any useful info about recarboxylation of THC—> THCA. I had an interesting project I want to explore!

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did you try the search bar?

it’s been done.

and referred to as simple (although that’s harder to find via the search bar :wink: ).


Thank you very much, I was having trouble in the search bar!

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can’t help with the “referred to as trivial”.
googlefu currently compromised. :yum:

can tell you it was in the last 48-72hrs…

Edit: it was also waaaay off topic…which is usually where the best clues are.

EDIT: 72 hrs… Info on THCV !!!

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inb4 “turn your distillate to diamonds” processors become a thing



in before

Its something people say to “call” something before someone says it. As in, before long I expect we will see posts start popping up of processors advertising being able to “turn your distillate into diamonds”

edit: its just one of those internet things that people say on forums. I’m not sure where it even originated honestly

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You can get dist to diamonds ?

But you would be able to technically get dist to diamonds if you recarboxylated it right??

Ya, but also you gain that 13% density by attaching cheap carbon


I don’t see why not. Not sure if it would form fat rocks or not since different reagents are involved but theoretically it could be done. Would it be cost effective or easy to scale? No idea, ask one of the real chemists for that

oops! Accidental post, sorry.

Dm me.