Replacement Panda spouts --MODDED PANDA--

This is a continuation of the “Ultimate panda mods” thread, i said i was going to post a new thread once i started shipping, started shipping earlier today.

Replacement Panda spouts are now available, I did a small run of these, most of them have sold and are being shipped out, i still have a few left, although ill probably make another batch.

I designed these in an attempt to make the panda spinner, a cornerstone of small scale extraction labs, safer. The spouts that come on the panda originally are woefully weak and under built. They break almost immediately, they also gush recovered liquid all over the place, with no control. I wanted to be able to put a hose barb adapter onto my panda so i could flow the recovered tincture into a vessel with more control. I wanted a little more peace of mind.

The 3D printed spout has an integrated spill over, so in the event of the the system fouling up with debris and flooding, it will flood over the spillover on the spout and not into the unsealed hole for the motor shaft.

It is 3D printed in uncolored glass fiber reinforced nylon, which has excellent resistance to most of the solvents we as extractors would normally utilize, the O’ring is BUNA-N, the improved spout utilizes the same mounting holes as the standard spout, no drilling required and mounting hardware is included.

I’m still giving out the files to print this yourself if you have a 3D printer, it’s not a very hard print, DM me for the printer settings for infills, support angles, layer heights etc. I’ve been getting mine printed on an industrial SLS machine, they are solid, heck it’s the most solid thing on the panda.



DM me here or email me at to order one, $45 for the complete kit, installation instructions, O’Ring, mounting hardware and shipping included.

I plan on doing some other 3D printed panda mods for the lulz and funnzies. I’ve already redesigned the top and bottom of the unit to be more robust and accommodate and integrate with custom tailor made biomass bags. Currently in the prototyping phase.

Also, i feel i have to state this, thank you for the support, I originally designed this spout with no intentions of selling it, it was just a fun side project and something to do to help the community out, but it escalated, the demand was there. I do this for the love of designing and too improve the laboratories of the community. I launched a new company and I am currently designing a new small scale centrifuge from the ground up, to be safe, sanitary, cost effective, and designed solely for running biomass (i guess you could throw your swim suits in there too, lol) Also other novel designs will be dropping, i’m working on some cool things besides panda mods and fuges. I will always keep an open source library of my 3D printed parts for the community to access and print free of charge, Rock Steady Innovations website will be online soon, will update this thread when its online



Installing requires taking out the basket right?

nope it snaps and screws into place using the provided hardware and indexing clips on the 3D printed body of the spout.


okay the website is online. for all future orders please go through;


Stupid question…

What kind of screws hold the original spout on? Do you use a hex key to remove it?

I have a set of security screw bits, but my eyes are going shit, and I can’t tell what it is.


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Looks like mine has screw heads on the inside of the panda. I can see them if I force the basket to the side.


You shouldnt have to remove the basket to remove the original spout, it should pop off pretty easily. Im curious do you have a panda with a white painted body or the shiny stainless body?

I have the shiny stainless one.

I guess I was expecting screw heads to be on the outside if the unit.

I should of noted the removal of original spouts method in the printed instructions, i poped em off with a screwdriver and a few love taps from a hammer, a little percussive persuasion goes a long way lol!

to install the new spout you screw from the outside!!


just made inquiry on Panda spinner on Alibaba, will properly order a spout from you aswell.

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I was able to get a stubby Phillips into my land to remove the spout but next time I’ll just hammer break that bitch off

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When’s the custom lids hitting the market?!?

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Custom lids and bases are in the pipeline, initial prototypes have been made, need to make some design changes and adjustments before they drop, itll be twoish intill they are in production. stay posted!

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If you figured out a c1d2 motor replacement, this thing would be on point

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its coming!! aswell as a new fuge, designed from the bottom up to be a safe, cost effective, sanitary, solvent recovery system. lots of stuff in the pipeline.


hey, I wanna get a couple pandas and some of @RockSteady’s modded spouts. Can anyone point me in the most inexpensive direction they have seen stainless pandas listed for please? Dm is fine or feel free to list it here for us all…

I have a good idea. Instead of a hose going directly to an open container with an open hose why not use a stainless Teflon braided hose going into a collection pot. That way you can screw the hoses on and the liquid goes to a closed vessel. Omg yeah. You could have a prepulled vacuum on the vessel and then the ethanol would be pulled in from the panda!


Hey @RockSteady! I know this is an old thread, but do you have any spouts and other upgrades available? I’m about to pull the trigger on 6 pandas and need your cool shit!


hey yeah i still have them available; you can order them from my website, they have been back ordered because ive been away from home, been out traveling and consulting. they will begin shipping out again in a week or two as soon as im home! i love pandas, but its not like i travel with spouts in my carry on, as epic as that would be :laughing:

slowly building up the store; have a bunch of new releases planned been working with modded reactors as of late; have a lot planned.

it actually feels great to be designing again!!!


You ever look at modded lids or bases?