Removing sulphur contamination from BHO destined for distillate?

So I have about 3000g of some Sulphur contaminated product that’s orangish color and has a stinky smell, Its consistency is like a sugar or crumble I plan to turn this to distillate but not sure the best method to get it to break back down to crude? Any tips appreciated

is this THC or CBD?
was it actually ethanol extracted?

IS it crude?!?
or has it been distilled already?

have you made distillate before?

have you figured out how you’re getting the sulphur out?
because distillation won’t do it.

do you know the source of contamination?


Copper scrubbies can help with the sulfur.


You didnt take on a toll/split with a dude who handed you a 2l BF with +1000ml of crude in it did ya?

If so, smash it on the fkrs head if your in the Detroit area. But I’d like my 2x stoppers back of possible.


It is thc and no I believe it was ran with butane, no it is not crude yet and it hasn’t been distilled yet it almost looks kinda like diamonds that had the sauce poured off cause I have all the terp sauce from the jars as well and yep I’ve made successful 93.4%thc consistently on a 12l summit short path and nope I’m unsure of how to remove the sulphur… also I’m unsure of the source of contamination at the moment but if I find out I will post

Nope I’m in Oklahoma my man

It was a sulphur spray of some sort

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yes, it IS crude.just not “shatter”. if it is the HCF (diamonds/sugar) that has had the HTF (sauce) poured off, then you got more THC than you paid for. more likely the producer just didn’t bother purging it properly and it crystalized (sugared/nucleated/buttered…).

if you’ve made distillate, you know you need to decarb first. do that, and what you have will look identical to decarbed crude, because it WILL be!

if it was run with butane, why would you tag it as Ethanol? there are two likely sources. someone ran oderized hydrocarbon solvent, or the biomass was treated with sulphur to deal with a problem while growing (which you just confirmed).

you ruled the first one out by tagging this as an ethanol extract…

I posted a link to how…after @Demontrich spelled it out.

…or at least a view into the correct rabbit hole.


Ok Aweosme I thought so tbh but I was a bit unsure, honestly I didn’t mean to click ethanol it popped up lol… but anyway so I was just a bit sketch to throw it in to a pot and decarb lol but I’ll check out that how to with the scrubs I appreciate all the help :pray::facepunch:

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You’re going to need to melt it down in ethanol and then toss copper in it and heat it to 120-150 for 24hrs

The sulphur will stick to the copper. Once the copper doesn’t come out dirty anymore, you’re finished

You do not need to decarb this prior to putting it in ethanol.


I removed some suplur stuff that would make you puke by using copper scrubbies. The more contamination the longer it takes but it does work.


I’d even toss in the spd head while distilling.

What melt down temp and ratio for ethanol for 3000g, 10-1? Also copper ratio? And then is that 120-150c? What’s the best way to separate when the copper is dirty and it’s done, through a buchner?

Room temp, oil will melt in ethanol.


Shit the guy I know doing it is running it at 5:1 I’d say.

I don’t think there’s a ratio of copper to use. The more the merrier

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have you ever tried just throwing the scrubbies in with 80C crude?

Rather than dissolving in solvent first?

@Demontrich, I hear ya, but I’d be worried about catalyzing unwanted reactions with boiling flask temps. which is probably a good argument against 80C in crude as well :thinking:


you ought should dive down that rabbit hole…@photon_noir gives instructions on how to clean the scrubbies too.


@midsfactory come share some knowledge

I mean sulphur king!!


Ok dope so 5:1 on ethanol at room temp heat and wait till it’s a liquid solution then add copper and cook for 24hrs with a constant stir and pour off through Buchner and then roto to crude and we good? Lol

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You don’t need a constant stir

Ok dope, any tips on how to tell if the copper is dirty or clean or is it self explanatory once u start ?