Sulfur in extracts

I’ve gotten weed from a few farms and have noticed many have turned to sulfur to combat their issues with pests, which seems to work well for them, only thing is I’m tasting the farts come through on the extracts… any word on the removal of sulfur??


Yeah sulphur in your extracts sucks.

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Thanks. Much appreciated.


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Large angstrom molecular sieve beads will also absorb H2S if you have hydrogen sulfide issues.


I know there are other threads that mention this, but I’m choosing to add to this one since the title is so straightforward…

I have done lots of distillations and always wondered about where the sulfur smell was coming from, I figured it was just some plant compound and never considered it from the pest/fungus control application. Kind of stupid, since I have worked on a farm that used it.

I think this might be a growing issue now that testing requirements are so strict for synthetic pesticides and fungicides. Anyone want to share their experience on sulfur containing biomass screwing up your process? I think I’ve got an old batch of crude that got seriously messed up from this, a huge degradation problem after extracting with CO2, I’m hypothesizing the sulfur might have been a catalyst here. Crude was pH 5.0 when dissolved in ethanol.

I have seen people mention using copper to help capture the sulfur, but is anyone testing for copper carry over in their final distillate? In theory it shouldn’t end up there, but we know that lead and other metals end up in distillate. Copper is a serious neurotoxin, and if you aren’t 100% sure it’s not in your final product, you shouldn’t be smoking it or selling it.

Any ideas for ways to test for sulfur levels in plant biomass? I am thinking that ICP-MS or flame atomic absorption should work, and CA state certified labs should have that on hand for heavy metal compliance testing. I’m sure there are more affordable ways to screen for sulfur content in-house. Any suggestions?

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Its works i did as photon suggested and it completely removed the sulphur and it was bery bad. Nust have to replace or wash the scrubbies everyday


Nothing worse than being excited for a dab and exhaling that fart taste


Ever tried copper?

Yea I think that’s what @Concentrated_humbold meant when he said scrubbies.

I can verify it works inline in a butane cls


Sulfur is known to oxidize THC to CBN at high pressure and temperature.


Ya i used copper scrubbies cleaned in citrix acid and then etho and lastly water before drying in oven. When they would turn black after a day or so i would clean with citeic acid and wash with etho


Hey man! It’s a fewwww months removed from this post but you seemed to know what you’re talking about.

I think I have some wax that kind of tastes like burnt popcorn. I’ve been using the search bar and looking around this sight because I think it’s sulfur.

I want to do the copper test to determine it, and I want to do the process of removing the sulfur if it is. But to be honest, looking through these posts, a lot of it has gone right over my head and I’m quite confused. Anyway you could provide a ELI5 answer haha? :rofl::rofl: I’m gunna give it a try but I don’t want to waste. Thanks! Sorry if i’m breaking any site rules. joined just to browse briefly.

@Roguelab has mentioned using copper rashig or packing media in a SPD head before. Too lazy to search for it right now


I have a feeling if it was treated with sulphur that’s not the only thing left in the wax. I could be wrong But with sulphur you’re likely either fighting different types of molds or pests. If it tastes a bit like matches, it’s definitely sulphur mate.

Just take a copper scrubbie ( like for dishes) clean it with etho or iso and water and just add it to your oil thats already dissolved in alcohol and just wait. It will start to turn black then just take it out repeat the cleaning of the scrubbie and put back in until there is no black anymore or you think its good


THIS WORKS for small batches, use at your own risk. Ok, so you’ve got some wax/bho/shatter that tastes like burnt tires dipped in rotten eggs. You will need a few things. 1) small thick glass jar. 2) 12 awg stranded copper wire 3) oven.

I removed the insulation from the wire and used a lighter to confirm it wasn’t coated. Using a nail clipper I cut about a foot of the wire into 1/4 pieces and placed them in the bottom of the jar. I then took about 8 inches of wire and meshed it into a cap that would fit into the glass jar and keep the 1/4 inch strands in place. Really y compress it good. Then I preheated my oven to 250f. ( i used mechanics wire to make a little handle for the jar.) This will decarb your wax. You will lose some product. Continue at your own risk, I dont claim this is safe to consume. I then took about 2g of seriously sulfurous shit and placed it on the copper wire cap in the jar. 30 minutes in the oven did the trick. Do not let it cool, the thick glass will retain the heat and help decant off the wax. The copper wire was slimy black. I could not believe it worked so well without diluting in a solution. Hope this helps.

You can use copper scrubbies once there cleaned and get more surface area and just remove clean and repeat until the copper isnt black anymore.


In the other thread someone suggested azulene being a result of using sulfur… described the rotten egg smell.

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