Remediating spiromesifen

Hey guys!

I’ve got a lead on some cat2 trim that tested for spiromesifen. I was told its water soluble and should be easy to remediate so my crude could potentially test for cat3.

I’m trying to up my game and ensure my extracts are clean and tested but I’m out of my realm on the remediation game.

I know this is pretty loaded but y’all have any suggestions for me?

Thanks in advance!

If you look up “remediation” its the second link. Yall just getting lazy


Thanks for that, I’ve actually read that thread extensively. But it’s more geared for distillate.

I’m trying to remediate this trim during extraction (ethanol and methanol) so the crude comes out clean and can be used by other clients.

The process for washing crude will be the same as distillate. you can do a LLE with an alkane and remove the water solubles.


It’s not something that can be done inline with some kind of filtration media?

Extract with heptane and push it through powders yes.


A strong base will cleave it.

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What’s the best powder for pesticides? I have a bunch of just about everything from my crc runs.

Magsil and bentonite, there was a thread on here that had some papers posted about in line pest remediation using some types of bentonite clay. This is going to strip your extracts of most of it’s color and it will be prone to oxidation (copper red/purple).

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Awesome thank you for the info!
Would be nice to be able to provide cat3 level crude!