Recarboxylation Method: CBDA, CBGA Converted cannabinoids method

Selling recarboxylation method.

Message for more details

No money changes hands until you see the method in action.

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COAs available upon request after a standard nda.

NDA to see the proof that you’re not slanging hopes and dreams? Why do you continue to go about selling this method in the shadiest ways? I understand keeping your secret sauce close to your chest, but at this point it looks like a desperate cash grab…


Put up or shut up…


Do you have clients who can confirm results? Always looking to connect clients with new SOPs if legit


Don’t get me wrong, I would LOVE a recarb method, as would many other people in the industry! I’m just not gonna go get scammed to see if it’s legit or not.


First to dive usually is most rewarded. Just gotta break down the communication barriers. NDA without anything but text is a hard sell. Pics and stuff are cool


If this is legit, I could sorta understand the cloak and dagger approach, but every damn time this guy comes posting these posts, people will get in here and ask and talk about it, but he never follows through with any sort of proof. That is the part that gets me more so than the NDA. That’s just the cherry on top.
C’mon @Co2purist, you definitely have a captive audience here with people that would potentially be interested in your process. Give the people what they want and actually show your work! I’m not asking for the sauce, I just want any semblance of proof that your claims can be backed.


C of As only after an NDA has been signed? What’s the harm is proving that your method works at all without an NDA? Also the C of As can be faked easily, or come from different extracts…


what’s the price tag on the sop i’m surprised no one asked. also how clean is the the final product after it’s done(any refinement or post clean up)and does it apply to all cannabinoids

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He’s told me $1m


Price is right considering the shortage of cannabis and hemp biomass


I hear prices are going up soon better do it quick!


I wanna see something worth recarbing…



Great for handjob recarb to handjoba



you’re a jackal if u think a free demo is a scam

i dont know any way to be more legit

Free demo with nda stopped us from almost buying equipment. Put a deposit down then got surprised by an nda. Got the deposit back.

So I speak from experience saying this, signing anything without seeing anything is hard on the imagination.

Ended up saving damn near 100k for our business going a different route and producing significantly more product.

I was happy to put money down, but not happy to be blindsided by the nda. At least you’re being up front.

I call bullshit; Got before and after COA’s?

No strings attached nda. Comes with a clause where if it doesn’t work the nda is void.

Allows me to demonstrate method so u can see what u get. If anyone has a better way to do it I’m all ears.

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Almost choked on my blueberry bagel laughing at that.

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