Purchased a new Vacuum Pump for my short path viable?

Just picked up a Welch Vacuum 2546B-01, saw it had a pressure regulator built in so I grabbed it. Any input>

No it s a great pump but. Notfor spd
It s ultimate vacuum is to high and it s cfm to low
Good pump for a small rotovap
Or for vacuum filtration


The vacuum regulator lets me adjust the vacuum do you think I would be able to do a couple runs before I switch it out. What recommendations do you have for first run, I stuck to this because the ultimate vac is really high and because its adjustable and low maintenance.

It cant pull a deep enough vac for spd.

27.6 in of Mercury is 701,040 microns.
you need 7 microns.
you’re out by a factor of 100,000
it will not work for SPD.

if you use it for such, you will turn all your delta 9 into Delta 10 THC - #146 by cyclopath

or at the best, a very red mess.


Fuck diplomacy is not your strong side :joy::joy::joy::joy:
But you are so very very right as usuall


He’s not a cyclopath fer nothing. :rofl::rofl::rofl:



Apparently I’ve been “undiplomatic” again. Apologies.

High vacuum = low numbers.

Most common cause for sucking at SPD? Failure to suck hard enough (deep enough AND fast enough) on the boiling flask and therefore overheating & destroying your product.

You don’t want your 75% cannabinoid crude turning into this… Chromatogram: 3% THC


That was caused by c bleach in the flask first and second pass


Thanks for the tip guys i really appreciate it, ended up picking up a Welch 1400 Duoseal this early AM think that would suffice? I kept the other welch on my rotovap it seemed to be working just fine we it, I might take off the Pressure control valve and just install it on my 1400 instead since rotovap is pretty straight forward on vac pressure.

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Been collecting gallons of crude oil trying to make some distillate. Anyone got experience with running Straight crude vs BHO via SPD? What’s your end product look like on the first pass

My etho crude comes out looking great, from transparent to golden in a pen.

Leave the pressure gauge on the roto
That s where you will need it most
On spd no need for pressure regulation

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Get some paid advise for spd ing those gallons
It will cost a lot less in the long run


Thank you for the advice, appreciate it greatly. Ill post some pics of my first run see what kind of product I can produce. Hopefully I can drill it bullseye on a first run

Uploading: 20190822_205820.mp4… Had some success on my first run, only ran into a small problem had some Terps and distillate shoot a little bit into the condenser. Was it because my temps were raised to quickly?