Pumping a slurry into a centrifuge running at low speed

I want to have my soak done and pump into a centrifuge to distribute the biomass, is this dangerous? Or has anyone else employed this technique?

@cyclopath you seem like a spinny, zany guy, whats your take?

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Should work well. @Lincoln20XX can probably provide actual data on the subject.

Closest I’ve actually seen run used a monkey with a shovel rather than a slurry pump.

Which was just plain dumb, but got the job done apparently.


I have used a panda lined with synthetic wool to filter off microparticles

Poured the tinc in real slow, had the lid removed and strapped to a table bolted to the wall

One of my stupider days, but it worked fine

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Can be done, works reasonably well, getting even (not wobbly) distribution can still be tricky.

Do it too fast and the slurry climbs the walls of the basket before it fills the bottom.

Do it way too fast and your centrifuge might self identify as a rocket ship.


Rocket surgery just got so much more complicated…


We have ours working well enough that I’m almost willing to let the minions take the straps off. Almost.


Love the tote-tek

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Not a lot of other ways to get Big, Cheap, Stainless, all on one place.


Almost :joy:


You ever seen these things when they’re in the mood for a walk?


Break dancing would be a better description of the unstrapped fuges I’ve seen😂


Sometimes they will just pick a direction and start wandering…

Or break cement anchors trying.

Most of the operators I’ve interacted with are not nearly as scared of the things as they should be imo.

If they’re break dancing and providing their own accompaniment, they’re almost certainly asking for maintenance (if they don’t get it, they may try and kill you over it: How do you make a centrifuge go WOOF?)


Whatabout drilling a 3/4" hole in the top of the panda and delivering a controled ammont of solvent through…

A plastic container with a spout would drip the solvent in a controlled manner.

Just would need to figure out t/L of your hole, with a stop watch and a measuring cup.

A diy solution perhaps from the top?

@Rowan isn’t playing with a panda, and is trying to load a slurry into a moving basket.

There are a couple of issues doing this with a panda.

One is they spin so damn fast, so they really do try their best to become rocket ships if you pour too fast.

Another is that the rotating mass is almost ALL the mass, making lift off far more achievable (but everyone knows to strap down a panda before feeding it liquor and cannabis at this point right?).


Im specifically looking at the cedarstone 150 model

And honestly all this talk of straps and dancing makes me lean way more heavily towards a Vincent press.


Doing slurry loading in a standard basket fuge is a terrible kludge.

Look for a scraper or peeler centrifuge instead - they’re designed to be loaded with slurries.


Aren’t decanter centrifuges made for slurries or a bottom discharge scraper centrifuge

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That’s not what OP has on hand.

Rumor has it he’s feeling screwed and (de)pressed.

Peelers/scrapers come in side or bottom discharge. Are both perforated basket fuges.

Neither should be confused with the decanter


Im gonna stick with what i know and squeeze reak hard

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