Psilocybin SOPs

Can’t wait for this to turn into a mushroom forum for a while since hemp shot itself in the mouth with a grenade launcher.

Who wants to start a mushroom testing facility in oregon with me? If they make it medical they gonna have to test for safety amd potency. The weed labs here are juiced in through the laws and I suspect nothing will change eith mushies.


What is the structure of the regulation gonna be? Free market or a bunch of chads?


Its medical so there isn’t a market yet but medical programs allow you to lay the infrastructure needed to make a market when that legislation rolls down.


Where in Oregon are you located? I’d love to talk more about potential opportunities.


Where there is money there will be Chads.




That makes three of us (well, a lot more than that, as we have @Photon_noir and @cyclopath, among others) . I’d love to chat, too.


I have a few formulations i have been working on, i really hope oregon doesnt turn this in to a big pharma project but time will tell.


I may know of a few tricks :upside_down_face:


So when are us Eugene peeps meeting up?? Lets put the minds together!


That’s what I’d start with if I was just beginning. I haven’t been in the hobby for a while but I might start back up now.

There’s a lot of stuff to pull over from the shroomery/mycotopia, probably a fair bit from older reddit threads as well. I’ll see what I can put together


Other labs can do the testing, it’s just replacing standards. But production and extraction are where the forerunners are going to be.

As I’ve worked throughout the cannabis industry, I’ve always thought of my SOP’s being used for the production of Psilo. You’d get your METRC tags for each bin on each shelf, you’d take things down to dry and cure them (to avoid them seperating caps and becoming brittle), you’d have a genetics freezer that was basically your MOM’s, but instead replaced with test tubes of cultures.

Extraction of mushrooms may be done in ethanol equipment, even if it only uses water. Think steel vessels used for brewing and tri-clamp apparatuses. Maybe those Ultrasonics we have on the sides that are sometimes useless for biomass could be used to break down cell walls in mushrooms instead.

Also: Slerocia may count: non-mushroom bodes that instead come out in the medium (like peanuts, or macadamia nuts). Not everything needs to be GT’s, B+ and Burma. While there may be fewer varieties of mushrooms, there are many ‘phenotypes’ of highs and effects. P. Gillindoi may not have the most fantastic visuals at low doses, but it can make uses feel beaming joy and excitement from their core.

There’s so much to do here, but it’ll need to follow whatever previous framework is in place, and to me, the medical and rec markets for cannabis are going to be something of a guide to what follows with mushrooms.

It’s exciting, and I hope those here who want to become involved are successful.


I kinda just wanna start a cow farm with a bunch of heavily mulched garden beds around it lmao

This is the best(nicest at least) wild find I ever had, picked it from a neighborhood cowfield outside of Houston in the middle of the day, spotted it from the road


Sigma already sell psilocybin/psilocin standards. Would be very easy to run potency analysis via LC/MS. Not a bad opportunity to begin if you are living in Oregon!


Count me in, be good to meet other locals


lucky fruck

I’ve been told the reason there not in my area cow farms ever is the local big college did study a long time ago found the source was the grain they was feeding them and made it never to happen again here


I worked in a university mycology lab for a few years. If anybody wants to chat lmk

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No matter what your work up is like, the limiting factor for making a medical grade product will be the speed of chromatography


I believe grass fed cattle are the key, I only know the wook science behind that as far as wild growth goes though


I have a feeling that a large SPE cartridge, similar to what people pack for CRC, will be the answer after the initial extraction of these amphoteric alkaloids from the lignin/cellulose matrix of fungal cells. Regardless, the new measure does NOT allow large scale growing or extraction by anyone but a select few corporate players. Initially, it was a legalization vote, but that language was gutted from the measure by greedy corporate interests, which is why it was disavowed by Decriminalize Nature and other entheogen-related non-profits like Edelic in Eugene.