Pryrex pan diamond tech?

Been seeing alot of extractors getting diamonds with just a pyrex pan in oven. Anyone got info on how its done?


Are they showing terps?

Have you read through the various crystallization threads here?
(those two should cover many, if not most)

Assuming the answer to question one is negative, and two can be made not so, what do you think they’re doing?

Let’s go from there…


I know Oleum in WA does it this way. I always assumed it was a nitrogen back fill on the entire oven and then throttled release.


Is it a special oven? I’m not sure how the AI vac ovens would handle pressure

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They look like AI ovens. The door lock should handle low pressure(10-20psi?) just fine.


mine dosent! one time I was backfilling an oven with n2 back to atmosphere. Someone started asking me questions and I got distracted, i heard a loud bang and turned around. The oven was not damaged, however; however the rubber seal had been pushed out of its seat by the pressure. The vaccum guage on the oven has never worked the same.:shushing_face: Don’t tell @Indofab!


We did this when Rebel Roots was still medical. He would add a block of dry ice to the bottom of the oven and close the door with several Pyrex dishes on the racks. The evaporating CO2 was enough positive pressure to allow for good crystal growth. I warned him about using CO2, but it actually worked quite well


I always thought that was exactly how they were doing with backfilling the oven. You really don’t even need 10psi in the oven if the nitrogen is blanketing the Pyrex dishes I assume.

Never tried but have been wondering when I see these Pyrex trays of diamond sauce.


pressure increases boiling points, so if you’re trying to slow the evaporation rate , some pressure helps


Ok I just saw Samariasam stuff…ive always made sauce like this…clear sugar clear terp sauce…jar the honey…what am I doing wrong to get diamonds like him without L.P.G?

Thanks bro

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Yes it’s terps n diamonds @dannoo93 and @californiaalchemy710 are just a couple doing this tech

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@Soxhlet u know anything about this tek? I’m very curious…

If u click the link cyclo put ,Samariasam talks about it for sec on reddit inside the link thanks buddy


Nah, haven’t seen his tek.

What’s your take on shattergirljaquelines diamond miner…worth the cost for small production?


Still wondering why her design is so proprietary with the moisture trap and bleeder valve on her relatively small miner. She is a great scientist and processor for what she has made, and making some nice stones with her miner but the cost is little steep. for most people that have a good understanding of the techs and SOPs. It can be relatively easy to recreate. I’m more interested in Caleb’s glass clear shatter tech from Oregon Genetic Company. He says he has a machine that’s going to revolutionize the processing market. Any curiosity over his tech? What is his dewaxing sop?:thinking:? I find myself drawn to his processing and his educational spurts on Instagram dealing with cannabis Terps. Been a real toss up between big names In Oregon processors.(OGC, WVA, Dirty Arm Farm, Claywolf, White label, Calyx crafts). But find myself enjoying every one of these companies HTE/HCE, Diamond techs (Dirty Arm Farm only processing inhouse Live Resin and there drink Adabinall)


Definitely been wondering more about his process too. Just patiently waiting for him to release some type of design or give a better idea of what exactly is going on to produce such clean product. And when it comes to her miner im really just interested in how the water trap works


@Idab916 Agreed and I have a crazy hunch it’s like a 3 layer jacketed desiccator but I wonder type of desiccant is being used. But that is a huge assumption :thinking:

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I’d be willing to bet its just a container with mol sieve beads in it.


I’ve been thinking the exact same. It’s such a small unit which can’t have a lot of moisture to begin with.