Pryrex pan diamond tech?

It’s not just the dewatering, she also has laser etched nucleation sites, upgraded gaskets, and most importantly a certification.


Laser etched?

Me taking drill to bottom jar with different size dimples same thing?

Btw will u give some clarity to the process…he says they don’t use any pressure or anything, just the honey and Pyrex dish…what am I missing …i only get sugar…but I haven’t tried Pyrex dish, figure small mason jar the same thing

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OGC makes fire bho, but is a little too narcissistic for my tastes. He makes a lot of strong scientific points at times, but then reverts to logical fallacy any time someone questions him on a point.

He claims that he has been offered $1m for his “patented process” and turned it down, so good luck.

Based on his comments, it’s all single solvent, butane only. He claims it’s “ultra refined” which I think means he extracts a wide spectrum, dewaxes inline, then uses a fresh volume of butane to rewash the extract. But I’m just grasping at angry little bits of straws here


I was wondering if he was multiple stage dewaxing. Like you said, wide spectrum, then dewax. I think he is doing multiple stages after initial extract.

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Had the same happen to me

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I’m trying something different -20hg for hr no heat…then jar the honey…it’s making massive formation and created tons pressure…ill know more about stone size too… and some in Pyrex dish -15 & -20 ,then Pyrex in jar, no oven…after speaking to couple ppl it’s where I’m at

I have couple different methods with this going…

I tink I on 2 sumting

Updates soon


What you mean Pyrex in jar?

Basically for one the ways I read that was sticking in vac oven then backfilling for pressure

I’m going for more terpene crash w residual solvents helping w pressure if it’s needed…

I have about 3 different methods going
My main one just jar -20 vac honey after having for 30min no heat…take out vac place on Pyrex and wait the. Some I jarred that also for slower evap of residual solvents and terps

Probably completely off but I’m trying here!!!

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ive seen people use glad cling seal on the pyrex dish to seal in the little gas remaining…Hmmm


Maybe a ptfe sheet taped down? So don’t react w residual solvent…idk just in case

It’s building great pressure …the ones thinned by the Pyrex pitre dish is doing great too…but I sealed all them

If u don’t seal for slow evap u get immediate sugar from drying so fast…cling wrap would work great if ok to use

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If you want to know a little trick! The solvents you use play a big roll. There’s a trio and it has to be the right ratios :wink::wink::wink:


Care to give any insight on this…Ive ran 40/30/30 before and really didnt see a benefit. I thought about mixing 70/15/15 but then i gave up on mixed gases and went back to 100% Nbutane because its just easier for me to work with and faster.


I’m sorry but I say that’s very vague

Ur saying for the pan tek? Nothing but that?

After everyone has gave u so much info on here…expanding UR knowledge and getting U so much farther…

Why are u being so vague…

Help if youknow


Sorry i can share. I’m all about open source. The 40%nbutane 30%propane 30%iso butane is what works. The combination of the different solvents is what helps with the reaction. And to do the dish trick. You have to make sure its enough in the pan. If there isn’t enough just prop on side up so it all falls to one side. Through it in with maybe 5-10% solvent left. And hit it with nitrogen 20psi. At 94-95 degrees. Now this is where you’re going to have to play around.


What type of pressure chamber are you using?


Can I not just seal Pyrex in jar…the residual solvent level in the honey builds enough psi to make a spew noise when I messed up and opened first experiment…it almost instantly started sugaring the next day…also bubbled when I popped the gassed lid,probably why sugared so quick…its huge sugar though…
Remember I’m jarring the honey , no visual solvent

Also should i vac the honey any before jarring…thw less I do the more solvent is left and the more pressure…thanks bro


How do you seal a Pyrex dish in a jar?
I thought you should move over threads


The cascades only take 5psi backfill before a safety mechanism allows the door to pop open. Pressure is great but you don’t really need it. I agree with @Naturalascent about the blends, although keeping the blends the same run after run is an ongoing issue with the different BP’s. Recommend starting with P and B and then bring in iso. If you’ve never run each solvent independently you’ll have a hard time understanding how they contribute to the overall blend


@Future the best value vac ovens hold pressure decently. You could even put something on the rubber seal and clean it well! Pressure manifold is necessary. Want to keep a good eye on it! And @Derek well said. I think everyone should get a small container of each and play around with solvents for a day!!


Stick the dish in air tight container…tighter the better

Not everyone has the ability to have something to backfill ,much less the nitrogen to do it w…

I’m thinking this process is more of a pressure thing w thinner portions