Pounds of gas to material ratio

How many pounds of gas per pound of material?

Depends on column.size but i Flood completly from butom up soak and drop
At least twice
Have a refrigerant Sight glass on My top hose to see When liquid comes treu


Most ethanol and hydrocarbon extractions as they are currently being done use excess solvent…just to get the biomass covered.

Last time I used hydrocarbons, I was dumping 100lb solvent over 25lb material. 70/30 propane/butane. 1/2 that would have been sufficient with tighter packing of the material columns.

Answers also lying around here in other spots…


I’m using 6x48 tubes and 4 x 48 tubes using 4 lbs gas per pound input material. Getting very good CV color on my run after the full 4lbs per has been put in then using nitro to push out of tube. Tried running a second pass but seems to come out darker every time is it really worth the yield to sacrafice the color how much extra am I really getting or maybe I should push second pass into separate colection vessel?


Have you been weighting your material before and after extraction? Its a good way to ballpark your extraction efficency.


Yes fitting about 7-8 lbs in 6x48

what kind of numbers are you getting compaired to your biomass potency test?

Not bad for dry trim from summer deps?


Very low yield 10% tops

Seems like I tried going some material and got 14% but came out like doom doom very dark thick juice and very dark Crystal’s but higher yield not really into it

Now just need to figure how t ok wash them to make them dry and get as juice off having trouble in that department

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Spin em!



Is you material dry of solvents when your weighing? whats the material buds?

Depends on what tor running, i run crude and 1.5lbs of gas per lb od material gave me rhe. Eat yield and i didnt have extra gas to recover. I came to this conclusion bt running 10 4x48 colmns and then rhe nex day ran rhem again and hit back .68% return id some nasty axel grease i left on the table for months and never haddened or did anything. Especially when running crude by not adding more gas than needed i was able to rum 5 more columns a day. For shaterr or orher youll have to do tour own trials

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Input material is a mix of bud and trim some is dry bud that never got trimmed some is sugar leaf trim

Cylopath can u elaborate on the spin tech


Sure. Use the link provided above…and the search tool in general. Read the threads the above search pulls up.

Cliffs notes version was provided. With reference. Not sure what else you need.


Buchner funnel dry ice cold etoh…vac assist pull, fast paper, dab off w paper towel through paper when done


Damn that’s the real huckleberry. What’s fast paper?

How much washes off?