Post Ethanol Extraction Filtration


Nobody should need a lenticular filter just to get kief out. Order some nice 5 micron bag filters and filter housing. The bags are like $3 a pop and can hold pounds of retained material. I like Rosedale brand personally.


Although I agree that lenticular filter may be overkill, I wouldn’t outright say that it isn’t needed. Using a pressure driven filtration system will be multiple orders of magnitude faster than a passive filtration system.

With that being said, a single-cartridge filter would be sufficient for removing small particulates at a “fast” speed (relative to bags). They are generally cheaper than lenticular filters and can usually filter hundreds of gallons of kief-laden solvent before needing replacement.


The bag/cartridge filters are also pressure driven (or vacuum). As far as speeds, a size 2 bag in my experience will filter at a rate of many GPM even when holding lbs of sediment. What I used to do was run a 5 micron size 2 bag and then a 0.2 micron cartridge. The bag would catch so much that the cartridge would last a month without needing replacement. When it comes to lenticular filters, I really don’t see the point.


I am currently building a pressurized filter, sort of a nutsche filter without the agitator (yet)
from triclamp parts- I’ll be posting pics this week when all my parts start rolling in!