Post Ethanol Extraction Filtration


Nobody should need a lenticular filter just to get kief out. Order some nice 5 micron bag filters and filter housing. The bags are like $3 a pop and can hold pounds of retained material. I like Rosedale brand personally.


Although I agree that lenticular filter may be overkill, I wouldn’t outright say that it isn’t needed. Using a pressure driven filtration system will be multiple orders of magnitude faster than a passive filtration system.

With that being said, a single-cartridge filter would be sufficient for removing small particulates at a “fast” speed (relative to bags). They are generally cheaper than lenticular filters and can usually filter hundreds of gallons of kief-laden solvent before needing replacement.


The bag/cartridge filters are also pressure driven (or vacuum). As far as speeds, a size 2 bag in my experience will filter at a rate of many GPM even when holding lbs of sediment. What I used to do was run a 5 micron size 2 bag and then a 0.2 micron cartridge. The bag would catch so much that the cartridge would last a month without needing replacement. When it comes to lenticular filters, I really don’t see the point.

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I am currently building a pressurized filter, sort of a nutsche filter without the agitator (yet)
from triclamp parts- I’ll be posting pics this week when all my parts start rolling in!


Coming back with an update. We’re extracting with a CUP30 and I’m running something akin to what @MagisterChemist mentioned above. 2 stages of #2 bag filters, then a 3rd stage 30" cartridge filter. 25um -> 5um -> 3um. Im going to start playing with some different element types and maybe add a carbon stage, but it’s working great overall. We’re pushing the fluid with 20psi air. I’m getting about 100gal per bag filter change, and 600gal per cartridge change. That puts my filtration cost at $80/week. The housings and hardware all together were about $3700.

Sambo creek VS beaker and wrench filtration

Yup, that looks like some good filtration! Any reason why only going to 3um on the cartridge? You can get bags all the way down to 1.


thank you!

love the secondary containment.
so many folks neglect that detail…

The ability to blow out the filters with nitrogen/compressed air (which I assume you have) is also a really nice feature. When using most pumps rather than +ve pressure it’s an add on.


Because I’m still working through my first order of bags and I had a bunch of 3um cartridges in storage haha. I’ll probably drop the second stage to a 1um nominal bag or pleated, and the cartridge down to .5um. I’m putting in a new filter order Monday and am going to play with a few options.


I’m digging the spill mats you got. Nice filter too!


I gots the same but w a carbon filter last 5m

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What kind of pump are you using that can handle the cold temperatures after extraction?


Get on call and tell him what u need stainless mag drive


I’m just pushing the fluid with 20psi air from a compressor


What type of carbon filter? A 30" cartridge? I was thinking of adding another bag housing with a media filter bag that you fill with AC. How often are you changing it?


My advice is instead of using a designated carbon filter, just add the carbon on the front end and filter the whole mess with your three stage. That way you will have much more control over the residence time and thorough mixing.


It’s a 10” but u can get a 30. Depends on how much color needs to be pulled


Like mix the carbon in the etho?

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I see where you’re coming from, but we’re doing cold CBD extraction. I’m just still pulling a light green color half of the time and want to run it through carbon to clean it up a little. I’ve run small volumes through a Home Depot 10" carbon impregnated filter and it worked, just not for very long.

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Are some of the runs not getting quite cold enough? Just wondering why some are green. I’m guessing you’re pre-chilling your biomass as well.


Very nice set up you have. Did you build it ?

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