Post Ethanol Extraction Filtration

My apologies if this has been asked before.

What are valid ways to filter the remaining plant particulates after doing an ethanol extraction? I currently run all of my solution through a 45 micron bag then through a buchner funnel containing a 10 micron filter and a layer of DE. This method works but is painfully slow.

I am looking for a method where I can filter large amounts (maybe a gallon a minute) of my solution to remove the keif immediately after extraction.

One such thing I have considered is a diaphragm pump and use the positive pressure to force my ethanol solution through a series (2 or 3) cartridge filters and then into a 55 gallon drum.

Any recommendations are appreciated.


asked. not answered imo.

however it comes up when I used the entire title of your question as a query…you might check the other hits as well.

Hit up @Lilibel for a pressurized filter system

Thanks for the shoutout :slight_smile:

Our pressurized filter system can be found on our shop:

Please let me know if you have any questions, there are videos and info on the page!


there should be off-the-shelf solutions at almost any scale from the beer & or wine industries. Delta Separations uses a filter unit sourced from the wine industry. I’m not the only one who considers it a miss.

@Lilibel’s solution looks great up to a certain scale…if you’re looking at 50gal drums, it might be on the small side. Probably makes sense to ask :wink:

removing more from your title and just searching for “filter” brings up a couple of other hits around here you should probably be aware of: Search results for 'filter' - Future4200 but you’ve already been there right?


I have looked all through this website and have not found much. It seems to me everyone wants to use flat plates with filter paper. It seems to have too low of a surface area for my purpose though.

I need something like a cartridge filter with a larg surface area since I am just in need of this system to remove plant particles and not any fats/waxes/gums, etc.

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You seen the sambo creek filters?


Two of these (not necessarily this maufacturer) 30" inline with a 30um first stage, 0.5um second stage. Find a local company that specializes in filtration and they should be able to get them.

The cartridge brand we use is Filtrafine, they’re more economical than Scott Labs

Use a centrifugal or diaphram pump.


@LabSociety offers several different sizes of lenticular filter options, designed to filter 30 gallons/hour and up. They have the upgrade option to reverse flush them as well, making for a super convenient solution.


Is this the method you are currently using? What kind of output is it doing and how often do you have to change the filters?

Happen to know any companies based in California?

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GPM will depend on the filter element, but I was running 4-5 GPM pretty easy. You should get a couple hundred gallons between changes. I’m in SoCal and use Hayes Filters.

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How much did your system cost you? Just trying to get a rough idea before contacting Heyes.

I found the email with the pricing:

Part No. HFSE1R-30TCS
Desc. 316 Sanitary T-Style Filter Housing. 30", Electropolished, TC fittings and stand.
Qty. 1ea.
Price: $560.00ea.

Part No. HFSE-HSEKIT-1-1.0”
Desc. (2) Sanitary 1.0" Tri-Clamp butterfly valves(w/silicone gasket). (1) Sanitary 1.5" Tri-Clamp gauge (0-6 Bar), (3) single pin clamps (1 for inlet valve. 1 for outlet valve, 1 for gauge), (3) silicone gaskets. Connection assembly for Single round cartridge filter housing ONLY.
Qty. 1ea.
Price: $210.00ea.

The cartridges are between $50-$120.


Our T5 clay is faster than DE and has a neutral pH.


I’ve been look at pumps like this

Still super preliminary planning stages and I’m hitting burnout mode, (been on fire getting back to work after having a baby, feels good to be researching and excited about extraction again but I digress)

I’m imaginging plumb a line straight from reactor, to pump, to some type of sand or cartridge filter. Dump into holding tank. Warm for carbon/silica scrub through 1u paper. Roto or FFE, distill.


I’m in the market for a lenticular filter system but I’m wondering how the fats are cleaned off the filters for reuse. I understand there is a backflush method but now I will have a bunch of clean ethanol loaded with fats right?

yep. hate them.
not picking up fats in the first place is my solution.


You hate them because of the amount of extra solvent needed? Or because they’re used as consumables? Or do they clog quickly?

Is anyone using all-stainless steel cartridge filters?

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sock filters for sediment, and NB Oler sells various micron sized stainless filters and a table top version as well for smaller stuff and waxes… Could always finish with lenticular after that

You pull the filter and throw it away.

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