Possible serious health problems with pot use

Before you decide to ingest marijuanna or its extractions I urge you to read what good decent and smart folks had to say about marihuanna. Doctors agreed universally and endorsed the visionary’s who saw the truth behind dope.

Sure, that is dated literature because they did not have internet… we do…

Here now is a link (skip the ad) to what our current crop of gray haired white men in power in Washington DC are saying. At last now we are all inclusive in regards to racism - it makes all crazy now without regards to color. It must be those extracts?

Is it just me or is mankind sort of stuck in an evolutionary loop?


Truly it is bizarre that people believe there is substantial relative individual liberty within our society given the great tendency we have to moral panic and state sanctioned invasions of our private lives in order to ‘save’ us.

I submit that it the choice of what goes into one’s body if as fundamental a right as any other that make the list of ‘human rights,’ and the lack of official recognition of that belies the true motives of its advocates: to establish a homogenous political and economic hegemony that enslaves all who do not join the system.


That guy in the video is plain kook. Have you heard him try to speak about other stuff? Very dangerous kook.


judge wouldn’t let me smoke a few years ago even though I have seizures and PTSD documented.but pills are ok.


Hmmm its awfully funny as shit, that my RSO helped rid my uncle of a 10x 80mg oxy habit from 6 yrs straight. He hasn’t touched an oxy or pain pill in 5 months. Why, all because of a horrible plant called marijuana. Lol

What a crock of shit these suits bring to the table. If any of them.had half a brain and not be stigmatized from the past BS that was force fed to them, we may be better off.

Hs is and still currently part of the VA. They say “he MUST continue to take his prescribed meds and NOT test + for thc again or be kicked out”. I buy him synthetic fake clean urine now for those drop days. Shut, 8 thought I had it bad on probation 25yrs ago having to pee in a cup. But I got caught with weed, not getting ill and being a former 30yr service.menber


Semper fi. I live in Oregon and am 100% sc PTSD Marine Corps service. Oregon waives all but $20 of the application fee for medical marijuanna and recognizes PTSD as a presumptive condition in which pharmecutical treatment is inferior to marijuanna which is sort of the legal standard that must be met for a med card - that other treatments have failed. The VA has taken the position that in states where it is legal that their hands are off limits to adjusting your meds because of it. I told them and they recorded into my record I consume one gram of thc per day. That is way more than actual but it is documented lolz and that was even back when they had me on life ending doses of morphine. They sometimes have to pause and gulp down some crow when they are explaining stuff and run into that part and very carefully here in Oregon skip over it and make zero mention of it. It must be tough for a doctor who in previous years would lectured a patient why they could not get treatment and then deny treatment to now shift gears and be not allowed to even bring it up… they still even test for it but cannot do a thing about it unless I go to a state where it is still legal for them to kick vets out of the hosptials and treatment for smoking pot…

I am 100% opiate free now. I don’t give a shit if I hurt a bit or a lot and I can dab when I need to. Long term high doses of opiate is a zombie life never more than ten feet from the pill bottle and never ever forgetting a dose… I salute the pale white dude in the suit in the video here from Oregon 3000 miles away with finger held high…

In Oregon even good people use their middle fingers, right?


Yes we all know pot is considerably safet than a character like Sessions admits, but I also find the frequent statement that pot has caused 0 deaths to be just as irrational. It is based on ld50 studies not real life. Anyone that has consumed a very potent extract should be able to acknowledge that it is probably not safe for someone with a heart condition. Some data does show a correlation for increased risk of stroke and heart attack, and in my estimation, it is 100% spot on…


I wonder if the statistics showing a large curb in opioid abuse and a decline in traffic fatalities are from better quality opioids, and not the MMJ legalization… -_-

But I also agree with puccinia; I wish I could cite, but I can say that I’ve read one nueroscience article that proposed high quantities of THC as a potential attributor to heightened anxiety, which can lead to a heart attack in someone with the right medical history. Dually, it’s psychoactive, and large quantities of such substances have been reported to “activate” schizophrenic tendencies in people with a family history of schizophrenia. My knowledge on the science behind this is void, nor can I say that I’ve followed the research directly.

So I’d say it’s generally safer than alcohol, but the more I read about cannabinoids, the more apparent it becomes that we know little about their interaction with our endocannabinoid system…

Which brings us back to this reefer madness crap…




The evidence is mounting… Tell your children!


Cannabis hyperemesis syndrome


yep. for reals. the kid I think can solve closing my solvent loop (cellulosic ethanol) had a hell of a time with that. At this point I think his mom could tell you which genetic variants and mutations are associated with it. She just got into grad school in epidemiology.

The problem with stats is in how they are gathered. What I mean is in looking at your quote we can ascertain that some people began exhibiting schizophrenic behavior as reported after they used pot. However, those with schizophrenic tendencies who used marijuanna but experienced a relief of symptoms would never generally go anywhere to report that. Only the cases that had adverse effects and patients who sought or were taken into treatment could be counted. Who is to say that for every one person who already was prone to the disease that then activated it with pot is not matched by one thousand also prone to the disease who used pot for relief and as a result avoided the syndrome and thusly would never even know to report it? Generally reports of exposure only encompass adverse effects.

The numbers are hella tough to interpret with those sorts of things.

I will be in contact with the Great Head this evening. I will inquire into this… Nanoo, Nanoo!


@cyclopath are you referring to hypermesis? Do you know of some solid evidence towards that syndrom? I’ve been interested to know more about it.

Fear mongering seems to often have a strong tie to deep pockets or racism, or racists with deep pockets.

Cannabis is a human right, and the momentum for it is strong, these folks will probably never shut up about it just like Fred Phelps was with homosexuals, but it doesn’t mean society can’t shut them out as much as they can. Though I suppose this is the era of the mobilized and powerful right wing.

who knows.


This shit saved my life!

Don’t know how else to say it but with dabs,

I’ve been clean for couple years!

Almost kicked the dome and yes it was a big help! and with this cannabis I know I can!


yes. cannabinoid hypermesis is a real phenomenon. I know a very intelligent kid and his epidemiologist Mom. She called bullshit on the diagnosis and asked my opinion. I had run into the concept only a week earlier, and was myself dubious. I gave her that over the phone, and she had a decent scan of the literature done when she got back to me the next day and reported that it was real. more so by the end of the week when he was hospitalized. like I said, she could probably point you at specific gene-variants she believes are involved.

I don’t have any links that google won’t provide. but I can put you in contact with someone who might if you’d like. PM for details.


I can say from first hand experience it is not uncommon that someone has a ‘bad trip’ from eating an edible or dab (higher dosage), even as far as thinking they are going to die which I have heard of and experienced on multiple occasions. I consider these people sane (not a psychiatrist).
From personal experience I have taken dabs and edibles I could swear were dosed with a very real auditory visual type hallucinogens. If one of the hallucinogenic edibles had not been my own clean production I would have stuck to thinking I was extra-drugged(?). Now I know something in the cannabis plant can do this. Luckily I have never had a bad time during one of these moments but can see how someone easily could.

A (funny af IMO) example is the cop that stole from the evidence locker and called 911 on himself.

Anyways, some people wish their trip would end and I wish I knew the magic recipe to make it repeatable lol


People should know more about what they are taking and the possible effects of the substances to avoid unpleasant situations and freak outs. I find people often do the same with psilocybe mushrooms; they freak out and think they are dieing because their reality becomes augmented or because they feel very nauseous. A small amount of research before personal experimentation would have informed them that these occurrences are well within the expected outcomes of ingesting the substance. Although people usually don’t think too straight when under the influence of psychedelics…


True, but people also do horribly unhealthy and dangersous things to their bodies when they are hungry and just minutes from a McDonalds. Straight thinking and pondering ingesting the menu items at such a place surely cannot be connected…

So, what is the real point of the OP and the discussion then? The real point is whom do we let make our choices for us? Do we allow everyone to be their own dietician, doctor, researcher, attorney, housing provider, and tax accountant if they choose to as a Constituional Republic or is it safer to only allow the government to provide those services for us and sanction those who would choose otherwise?

I vote to allow people to fail if they choose rather than voting for the government to keep us all safe irregardless of choice.


Next thing you know they’ll be citing trimmers and processors getting light hash rash as a clinical sign of a dangerous drug :rofl:


Semper fi