Pope 6" thin wipe still and Delta cup15 extractor

My equipment will be delivered in a few more weeks. It’s a huge upgrade from the single batch Summit Research short path that I have been running. Training is included with product delivery but I’m looking to get in touch with anyone currently running this system or something similar. I’ve been researching sop’s and information sent from the manufacturers but I would really like some feedback from someone that has hands on working knowledge of this system. I know if i can’t find someone in this community than I won’t find anyone. Thanks everyone!

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How hard did you look around here?

for starters…

Search results for 'cup' - Future4200
Delta Separations CUP

Search results for 'Pope' - Future4200
WFE WTF: is the POPE kosher?
Wiped Film Manufacturers
Wiped Film Parameters


I have ran pope 2" 4" and some 6", in production labs. I’ve also sold and installed entire wiped-films and a feed system on all of those sizes in addition to Asahi 4", and unbranded Chinese 3". If you need advice or training from people who actually know how to run these systems in a real production environment, contact me. I’m a consultant now, but myself and everyone on my team has done the lab grind in “real life.” Instagram is : @beakerandwrench


What other gear are you waiting on? Or have lying around?

ie: how are you getting your solvent cold, and how are you getting it back?

I imagine you can use the POPE to get your solvent back but I’ve yet to hear from anyone actually using that strategy.

Thank you for the links. I’ve been having a tough time locating the threads that I’m looking for. I’m fairly new to the site and just posted my 1st 2 questions last night.

…and here I was thinking you B lazy boy :wink:

must be confusing you with my three teenage boys hanging around the house now that school it out. My bad.

searching before posting, and posting in as much detail as your NDA allows are highly encouraged.

if you think searching here is hard, try https://www.icmag.com


We have a BizzyBee falling film evaporator for etho recovery which states 100l/hr recovery. All these new toys are coming and I’m like a kid in a candy shop just staring thru the window waiting to get my hands on them

sounds like you got the big boy toys.
do you also have a decent rotovap?
A FFE will remove much, but not all, of your solvent.

and the filter unit on the CUP might piss you off too…
so you might gain from checking out some of these threads

We also have a 20l roto. I really appreciate being pointed in the right direction w your links. I have a few more weeks of studying before I get to dive into this equipment and it really helps to talk to someone that’s been there done that!

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