Polysorbate 80 vs nano emulation

I tried searching maybe I’m not asking the right questions … but for spraying edibles would nano emulation in spray help gummies ? And for thc syrup is Polysorbate 80 good enough ? Also links to whatever nano emulation your using would be appreciate

Emulsion. Which is why your queries don’t yield.

And NO, wtf go to the trouble of making your extract into an emulsion for easy incorporation and absorption but not actually take advantage of that by incorporating it?!?

Please don’t spray candy.


Doesn’t sprayed candy get the job done ?

Dosing is inconsistent.
At least some of your valuable api is squandered.
Tastes like hell.

Not a great route to repeat customers…

You can literally melt stir bought gummies, add cannabinoids, and re-mold them if you’re unable to follow the recipes provided.

And the first step is to obtain a COA on your input from a reliable lab.


Damn, that’s good for those of us with no goo culinary backgrounds

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Pretty sure that’s included in the “recipes provided”…Gummy recipe and SOP inside


Gummy recipe and SOP inside - #48 by ky_cbd

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