Name: Ian Gallinger
Company Name: Plant2Pipe
Contact Info: Plant2pipe@gmail or or request phone number
Location: California
Team Size:2

Services Offered: Consultation Specialties;
Diy or limited budget small to medium scale processing including refinement or setup of hydrocarbon, ethanol, or SFE CO2:
Post-extraction non-distillation purifications including thorough dewaxing, steam distillation, preparative Dry Column Vacuum Chromatography, adsorbents, Hexane/saline wash, polar/nonpolar wash, crystallization, and centrifugation:
Diy electronics and repair including Microprocessors, Single Board Computers RFIDs product tracking, sensors, data logging and visualization, home/system automation, electronics failure mode analysis and repair,
Opensource and Freeware based IT services, knowledge of free services can that improve or expand capabilities or replace paid services.
Vape Pen products: extensive knowledge and experience with Chinese and local manufacturers of cartridges, batteries, related equipment, and new product
Vape-able formulations design mixes distillate and or terpene extracts and or co2 design; cotton wick compatible cannabis e-juice; conversion of stable extracts to Vape-able;
Formulation to maximize bioavailability topicals/transdermal bioavailability; oral or sublingual tinctures of ethanol, glycerol, mct oil; methods of edibles, water-soluble extract powder, sucrose-based additive edible formulations like infused agave nectar or honey for drinks; process design for a specific desired product.
Hydroponic Indoor Growing

Rates, if public: Free short consultation and my discretion and convenience. I will ask for compensation for my time after consultation 40$/h for phone 80$/h for research or any work I can do from home, Detailed visual walkthrough and videoconference 75$ for 1/2 hour. Onsite visit 250$ plus travel. Electronic or IT work requires individual assessment.
I wanna make money by helping you make more money; not profit off you without actually helping so all compensation is negotiable and flexible.
States Available: CA but willing to travel
Insured?: NO
OLCC Workers Permit?: No


do you offer ingraining services?

we would have to talk specifics. what are you thinking?

I have a couple novel dip pouch formulations that require water ‘soluble’ cannabinoids if you want to team up some time.


Yes I am very interested, what were u thinking

Dip pouch. Like a spliff you spit.

That’s how you signal to the ladies in Walmart you got a big truck


no it wont make u spit, ever seen those snus? lik a little mint packet u keep in ur lip and doesnt make u spit.
my favorite idea is those little listerene dissolvable strips

(US20160143972A1 - Method and apparatus for preparing a solid form of cannabinoid - Google Patents)
cannathinfilmUS9044390.pdf (5.9 MB)
Method For Conducing Concentrated Cannabis Oil To Be Stable, Emulsifiable And Flavorless For Use In Hot Beverages and Resulting Powderized Cannabis Oil - Franklin Ross M.
i hav a bunch of these lol


So acidy

how would u feel about a lozenge?
cannaLozengUS8906429.pdf (675.7 KB)

Nice! Gum?

Quit beating around the bush, we all know this is headed to suppositories so let’s just get it out there


Things escalate so quickly online these days.

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lol i actually do hav a patent that mentions suppositories

Great for prostate issues


and only one of the three arteries that will absorb it goes to the liver before the brain so u substantially bypass first pass metabolize


Hospice worker here, suppositories are important for pain relief in late stages.


I’ve actually sampled some canna dip. It was a snus style bag. The flavor was fruity and a little acidic. The dose was 10mg, I didn’t notice any effects. There wasn’t any need to spit, it wasn’t gross like chew. Best way I can describe it was like holding a piece of tropical flavored gum in my lip.



It was bound to happen!