I didn’t make “dip” per se because I grew up in the High Desert cowboy farmhand region of Oregon and was surrounded from age 13 onward by peers chewing Copenhagen and a whole town, women including, wandering around with that shit in their lips. Every drinking fountain in four counties was full of that crap and it is a disgusting habit.

However… I did make a gentleman’s version known as snuff and was used pleasantly and with good effect by myself as a novelty though I am not sure if the effect was the same as simply eating it or not.

Here is the very simple way to do it lolz. Bake the crumbled flower on an open tray at 300F in an oven until it turn brown. The terps will have been driven off by then. The product then crumbles easily into a fine brown powder. I myself felt no irritation at all sniffing pinches of this stuff throughout my day as I went out and about. The sensation was as if anything got sniffed into your nose. You can feel it there but the sneeze response is not there and there was not significant snottiness up lolz. Fine ground as a powder after baking to crisp brown it was actually a pleasant diversion.

I normally ingest via vapor doses of med far exceeding what I could sniff from a powder containing a lot of plant matter but give it a try on a bud or two. It’s not bad at all and I didn’t even attempt to spike any flavors and such. Sprinkled into actual snuff (snuff never was popular in the part of Oregon I grew up in) the effect would be present but no way would you detect it if mixed that way. I made snuff as an oddity but the stealthy nature of a dried brown powder being sniffed like regular snuff meant I could go on a longer mall day trip and keep dosing myself discretely without leaving public areas. No mall has rules against snuff but all indoor places in Oregon ban smoking now and Vaping which is also banned under
Oregon law in a public place for cannabis.


haha, as someone who ends up with a lot of AVB and a previous snuff user I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t tried this. No favorable results on my end. Eating the powder has a longer lasting effect.

Needs more THC, less plant material.

Next up, Epinephrine autoinjector style intravenous marijuana, for those emergency ‘oh shit, forgot my weedsnuff’ moments.


Dude. Really?


THE INTRAVENOUS (IV) INJECTION of boiled marijuana broth
causes a distinct clinical syndrome. To date, 24 cases of this
syndrome have been reported in the English language literature.
1-9 We report the 25th case and review the literature.
Report of a Case
In mid-January 1983, a 26-year-old man was evaluated at
Providence Medical Center (Portland) for fever, myalgias,
nausea and vomiting. He had boiled marijuana, strained the
broth through cotton and injected it into his antecubital vein.
One hour later, he had cough, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea,
pain in his back and legs and fever. These symptoms persisted,
and after 31/2 hours he came to the emergency room.
He had injected marijuana once previously and experienced
pleasant psychological effects only.

Cant make this up.


If it can be done by a human it will be done by a human.

I lost count of the tech support calls that ended up in engineering for me over machinery that typically runs per machine in the $50,000 to $75,000 range but that when broke down can cost a mill up to $1000 per hour until fixed in a worst case scenario.

This kind of call always started as an unusual mix of failures of multiple systems. Generally failures are tracked to single components and 95% of the time the failure is at the termination of a wire from corrosion or has gotten loose. Inevitably the day crew had no idea what preceded the massive failures having come in to discover them on day shift when we opened too. It might take a tech four hours along with my time too troubleshooting, then somebody will show up who knows what happened. No bullshit this played out over and over through the years.

I would ask, did you guys do any maintenance on them at all last night? This is common at night if the crew gets slow to clean up and maintain stuff. I am not kidding in telling you it almost ALWAYS went like this;

“Did you do any maintenance last night on the machine?”
“Was the machine running last night?”
“No, we decided to clean things up.” Sawmills are chalk full of terpenes and all other manner of nasty and sticky stuff and the machinery gets filthy.
“How did you clean the machine?”
“We used a steam pressure washer.”

Let me frame the scene… the machinery is computer controlled and is indeed generally protected by a metal cabinet but the heat disapation issue make it impossible to cool if water tight or sealed like that. It is like coming home and finding out your little brother washed your computer in the dishwasher. It gets it nice and clean…

The stories over years of course build up but I gotta be honest here… I have looked at the advanced motion controls systems I am talking about here from all different aspects and it is beyond me how any human could look at such a high tech (for the time) piece of gear then look down at their steam power washer and say, “Good idea.” As a teaser for a later story, not making this up, I once got a call from the head guy at a mill run by one of the few companies in America that still owns their own timber lands and mills their own wood to make fine furniture (Ethan Allen) among other things. They are huge.

No bullhsit… and it is a story all by itself lolz. The guys had multiples of our machines and the account was huge. The mill itself was in northern Maine and had been built on the border between Canada and Maine which apparently at that point was a river. The river had odd habits of ice build up and floods and such when bad. I got the call routed to me because the office was at a loss, “Dennis, we would like to know how much you would charge to install floats on the machines so when the water floods in they will ride up.”

God… I am not making this up. Multi million dollars of machinery and they wanted to install floats because their jackets, coats and blankets could no longer keep the flood waters out of the door!

To me this all adds up to just one planet but an inifinite number of worlds we live in.


i love having this conversation on my post lol
this needs to go down for posterity and now i will always be able to find it.


they actually used iv cannabis in most of those old scientific studies and finding out what exactly they did was actually quite difficult but in the end it wasnt very interesting and they have much better ways these days. its the linked to the water solubility manipulation chemistry mainly biofrendly surfactants and pro/co-drugs(1)

. if u guys wanna see a crazy paper check this out (2)



Any knowledge on how to get the most bioavailability when making edibles using distillate? Which oils, etc… Would facilitate faster and more complete absorption? Wanting to make 2 100mg and 200mg dosage size brownies. Thanks


ultrasonic mixing, mct oil and sunflower lecithin i think is ur best bet i think. there are ways to get better availability then that but usually involve biocompatible surfactants or other exotic compounds not easily sourced.


You DO NOT feel the Psychoactive Effects through rectal administration of Cannabis Suppositories.


care to explain the biology behind that?


In the case of THC, the liver transforms around half of what is ingested into the significantly more psychoactive metabolite 11-Hydroxy-Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol. While not harmful in and of itself and potentially of therapeutic benefit, this molecule causes much more intense cognitive effects than THC. Rectal administration not only avoids these effects, but also allows a much greater proportion of THC to eventually reach the blood stream. This increase in overall efficiency is also shown in the different levels of bioavailability that different administration routes afford…

I’ve been making Suppositories for over 6yrs…


wouldn’t “reduced psychoactivity” be more appropriate?

not all cannabinoids administered via this route actually manage to bypass the liver. based on blood vessel routing.


That’s untrue, the lack of psychoactive effects is because cannabis ingestion via suppository bypasses the liver. The liver is the necessary organ for any sort of head change when medicating. This makes suppositories the ideal product for anyone looking for dependable, strong medicine that still allows them to accomplish everyday tasks. Not ONE patient who uses Cannabis Suppositories has EVER REPORTED feeling Psychoactive Effects upon rectal administration.


Firstly: thank you.

I was aware of the more rapid absorption, and better bioavailability. I’ve not made or used them, but have provided a lot of full-spectrum oil that was used to the 500 to 1000mg suppositories over the last five years.

Having no direct contact with the patients, my understanding was that at those doses, there were psychoactive side effects. to mitigate those effects, we added CBD (1:1 was also my preferred ratio), and sometimes THCA.

second: found the biology I was looking for…

sounds like at least somebody got high.

If placed too high, the active constituents will enter the Superior (upper) hemorrhoidal artery, which leads to the liver. This presents the same problem as oral application, as the liver will metabolize a significant proportion of the active ingredients.

@KJ-DABBIN-DISTY might be interested too.


*Lol… Sorry but if you’re going to use rectal administration method, you’re surely going to learn how to properly insert the medication… If what you said is true, that would be the case for anything inserted incorrectly… I’ve PERSONALLY have and have treated several PEOPLE with this method and NOT ONE PERSON INCLUDING MYSELF has ever felt Psychoactive Effects…You’re reaching with that statement. And obviously you like to pick fights. I refuse to entertain your obsured remarks… Now you ruined anyone who desires to learn about this chance to. So, believe what you want, I’m actually living the experience and see others benefiting from this method… Keep living in a Fantasy while I’m out helping
people FIGHT FOR THEIR LIVES I’m not responding to anything else. Have a nice day. **


substitute: asking clarifying questions, then looking for third party verification (cited) for “picking fights” and we’re good.

which I had heard before, and is repeated up thread.

so of course I went out and looked to understand the disconnect.

“oh, if you insert it too high you might get high?!?”

sounds an awful lot like “if you go too high, you might get high” to me.

If one has to get it right, to not get high, how is pointing that out ruining anything for anybody? Isn’t it more appropriate that folks thinking about exploring this route of administration have all the facts?

I could suggest cannabis, but then we get into routes of administration again, and somebody might take that wrong :wink:


I have personal gotten ‘high’ from suppositories… BUT I no longer have a colon or large intestine… so I only have small intestine (j pooch). I use RSO in a capsule that I make, I use this to treat colitis flare ups. Not sure if the small intestine absords THC differntly than the colon… but I am sure I have felt psychoactive effects using RSO. I never did try suppositories prior to the colectomy, so can’t speak to absorbstion by the colon.


I’d guess you’re getting much closer to the absorption routes most of us do when taking orally. but I’m a plant biologist and my last human anatomy class was a long time ago