Passive Extraction using 1.5" recovery line

I am working with a customer who is looking for as fast recovery as possible. Wondering if anyone has run a 1.5" recovery line from the collection pot. I was looking at 1.5" triclamp hard lines from collection pot to desiccant and using a reflux condenser to cool gas back down before returning to solvent tank as all 1.5".

I don’t have much experience with passive systems and wondering how I am able to get a recovery rate of 10# per minute with the system and running the 1.5" lines.

Need the solvent tank buried in dry ice

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What sort of condenser are you planning to run here? A tube in shell? How are you powering the condenser?

Yes. People have run 1.5" triclamp before.

Why do people keep insisting solvent tanks be chilled for passive operation? This has not been an issue for me at all.





You call that cold?

Chilling anything larger than a 25lb tank with dry ice is laughable


The tank thinks so. But really…it’s all in the coil. The coil does enough heavy lifting that the tank thinks it’s being chilled.


I run the same way. Couldn’t find a cold shot, but the insulation helps a bit.


I asked the same question as 1/2" was becoming the standard. I guess it’s not worth it unless you’re running
a large extraction unit. The other thing that makes it harder to run is you’re gonna need to be able to keep up with the thermodynamics.

imo: It’s a good idea on paper but it’s more worth it to make a micro ffe for recovery if you’re going the route of triclamp for recovery because at that point you may as well start thinking of utilizing a dephlegmator as your hose …

1.5 Triclamp BHO Recovery?

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you want a bffe butane falling film evaporator

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FFE for hydrocarbon recovery.

How big is your system? How much solvent are you running? What do you have to work with for heating and cooling? Are you limited to dry ice or do you have access to a subzero/near cryo low temp chiller? What is the solvent you are using?

What is your current set-up if you’re not familiar with passive and what are the rates you’re currently experiencing?

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Does this insulation cause static or is it dissipated with a ground?

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No, but it’s always smart to ground your system.

I would get a 50 kw heater and 50 kw chiller or use a shitload of dry ice and coils . Opening up a systems recovery only does so much it helps but it really is all in the amount of heating and cooling power you throw at it . I have seen 1.5" recovery push 20lbs a min recovery with straight n butane with just dry ice and coils . Just requires tons of dry ice and a large heater . There wasn’t even an internal coil on the collection just using the outer jacket and a propane on demand heater with a radiant floor pump cranked all the way up


Vapor line size is critical in a thin film, not so much in batch pan distillation. You’re on the right path!

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Agreed. You’re condenser type and size along with your chiller capabilities are more important.

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It’s not the size of your line that matters. It’s how much heat you can put into the system on the hot side and how much you can take out on the cold side.

To transfer 10 pounds per minute you need to inject 41,750 watts ( 142367 btu / hr) into the hot side and the remove the same on the cold side.


I found I can’t keep up on the heat side lately

What are you using for heat?