Palcohol (Powdered Alcohol)

So the label for powdered alcohol (or “palcohol”) got pulled. That doesn’t you can’t make your own.

It’s trapping hydrophobic substances like alcohol in a hydrophilic substance like cyclodextrin. Add 90 grams 195 Proof ethanol to 100 grams of tapioca maltodextrin. Roughly 50 grams ends up being a shot.

This sounds novel and fun. Just don’t snort it.




Have you ever tasted clydodextrin?
Tastes so bad lol


That’s what made Mac n Cheese come about


You can put a snifter over a tea light and vape alcohol. Shit is like a hit of alcohol crack. Fucking A.

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I saw something using vapor pressure to inhale alcohol fumes. If you reek like a distillery from simply swallowing alcohol, imaging how bad it would smell if you inhaled it.

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I never considered the idea of getting drunk on alcohol vapors until I discovered it could happen while making rso many years ago :rofl:


Powdered alcohol sounds pretty unappetizing… do you add it to water or something? lol

Mist I can get behind

Looks like someone already beat @qma to the punch… if only he were more creative.

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i have one of these and its great for boofing dmt vapors

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As a craft distiller I’ve inadvertently (or sometimes definitely on purpose) huffed a ton of liquor fumes.

It’s fun, but also using your mucus membranes and delicate lung passageways, effectively as a condenser… Isn’t good for their longevity.

Imbibe sparingly lol


What do I have to do with misting technology?

It does look pretty cool. You could make the same effect as that equipment with stainless steel mist nozzles and a foot pedal to pressurize the alcohol reservoir

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I don’t drink, so I noticed the effects pretty quick. Not something I’d recommend, but it definitely works, and I noticed a lack of hangover.


I tried water soluble formulated with maltodextrose ‘infra-mucosally’. Lmao.

Wouldn’t do it again.


In college people were vaping alcohol. I was a total idiot back then and still that voice in the back of my head told me “no”.


Thank you @raghanded !

I think the self regulating safety mechanism of limiting shot size to metabolic rate (first balloon leaves system by the time the fifth balloon is consumed in ~20 minutes) is the same hook as the N²O enthusiasts.

Only way to PM you is to report you, but thank you! I’m going to see if anyone has put effort into finding Commercial Off-The-Shelf components, but this deserves a L3/lounge thread.

Edit: I wanted to share my theory of what sort of device this is, as I’m sure it’s something cheap that’s been rebranded. My searches started here:

" Therapeutic aerosols are generated by compressed air, pneumatic jet nebulizers, ultrasonic nebulizers, pressurized metered-dose inhalers, and dry powder inhalers . Some of the drug preparations used in these devices are formulated to work with specific devices."

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Somebody already posted this link

I believe this device is a newer soft-mist nebulizer that uses a 50psi air compressor to draw air from a continuous operating nebulizer chamber. It’s output is pushed into a balloon.

They mentioned upgraded models on the vap[s**t site, I’m assuming the tubing and connectors were upgraded from silicone to BPT to handle ethanol longer.

Can anyone else guess? I’m assuming its a modified device for pulminary edema (sp?). Have spent more time than I should have.

My inhaler has r-134a with ethanol in it as the propellant.


In Peru, they use coca for altitude sickness. If you are showing signs of lack of oxygen in the highlands, they give you a cotton ball soaked with alcohol that will clear up and help you breathe almost immediately.

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