Organic Solventless Rosin-Infused Syrup

Hey all,
I’ve looked through a few of the “THC syrup” threads but still had a few questions about this process.

I’m looking to emulsify flower rosin into an organic cane-sugar based syrup and need every ingredient to be certified-organic. My end-goal is a syrup that can be used to flavor carbonated and non-carbonated beverages (both cold and hot), and as a dessert topping.

From my understanding, a high-shear homogenizer is the key to making the emulsification shelf-stable.

  1. Do I need any other ingredient besides the organic cane-sugar based syrup and rosin to achieve emulsification? If so, is organic MCT-oil the best option?

  2. Are there any homogenizers you’d recommend in the <$1,000 category? Looking to do 1L - 5 gal at a time.

  3. Is there a better way to do this? Or a way to do it without the homogenizer?

Thanks in advance!

also wanted to mention that some separation in the bottle is fine, as long as the consumer can shake it and be able to use it normally

in terms of potency, I’m looking to do 500mg CBD per 2 fl oz of syrup. My rosin tests at about 55%

Did you find the $10 spoon @anon56994712 dropped on the subject?


Link please?

Couldn’t find it :cry:


Is maybe @anon56994712 is still feeling generous?

Check Search results for '@tom homogenizer' - Future4200

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not perfect but worked good for lemonades


Missing keyword “RSO” :pray:


Thanks Tom! What about this process isn’t perfect?

Falls out of solution in the drinks after like 12 hours then you shake and you’re good


@CATScientific can you weigh in on this? After reading around I’m very interested in getting one of your homogenizers.

I’m looking at your X1000 unit, would it be suitable for this application? Homogenizing decarbed flower rosin into syrup.

I’d also like to use it for

  • Hard candy
  • Liquid topical / tincture / capsule forumulation (MCT-oil / alcohol based)
  • Hard balm topical (coconut oil + beeswax based)

Are those things this unit can handle? Would it paired with the DK30 flow through chamber be suitable for this syrup emulsification or any of the other uses I mentioned above?

It’s my understanding that heat can play a vital role in how well these homogenizers work, how would you go about keeping a 5 - 50 gallon barrel/bucket heated?

Anything cannabis-related I should know that it’s not able to handle?

Thanks in advance!

thats the one I use the x1000

I dont know how well the rosin is going to work with all the other stuff in there(fats etc), will distillate not suffice?

How do you like it? Have you used it for anything other than syrup production?

I definitely prefer solventless extracts over distillate

solventless distillate is doable.