Rso syrup

That’s the whole reason OP made this thread, and their account. They came in sounding like they wanted to make a tincture with agave. A few posts in they said they wanted to make THC lean to mix with Sprite.


Lean is not the same as thc syrup. Dont be so judgemental. Its still thc in the end who gives a shit how he ingests it. Its better then an opiate

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You must not remember the days when dispensaries sold wax in pookies. Before there was any other option besides a hot knife. Doesnt mean its meth

Not trying to be disrespectful but the OP referred to it as lean first, not me. I just quoted him. Whether or not the term was misused, you can take that up with him. I’m not sure if you’ve seen his replies.

I agree with you. THC is definitely “better than opiates,” but I have every right to be against using THC products to glorify opiates by creating “THC Lean.” If he said he wanted to make RSO soda or Sprite, I would have been more than happy to get into the nitty gritty on emulsion because that’s a daily topic people help each other with here. But to arbitrarily make it and call it lean because he thinks lean is something to aspire to is not something I am going to try to help someone with. All I said was I wasn’t going to help anymore after he replied to my original help saying he wanted to use the MCT tincture to add to a “pint of Sprite” and “drink it like a lean syrup.” THC or not, that’s not something I want to contribute to.


WTF is lean?

Nevermind ,I just googled it. :grinning:


Mate seriously GET OVER YOURSELF I couldnt give a fuck if your not going to help because of the word “lean” for starters where I’m from the UK lean is not an opiate we infuse syrup with THC and we call it lean rso lean thc lean whatever you wana callin but no lean seriously what’s wrong with some people lol! Mate I’ve had more opiates in hospital over 3 months than most crack heads will have in there career or life so only thing il be medicating with an have been since got out of there is THC u jumped up prick

Guys a NOBHEAD :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

So regardless of whether its into argave or into Sprite its pretty much the same thing as the argave would be going into a fizzy drinky anyway , got fukall with aspiring to LEAN SYRUP is sweet an taste nice makes drink taste sweeter LOL

You do realize this little rampage of yours will just make people not want to help you, right?



This sounds so bad!

Oh boy

Comes in to ask for help, then sheets all over those who do or want you to be safe.

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so uhhh yeah youre gonna need a homogenizer

lets do 5ml = 100mg thc for dosing (this shit is very sweet)

I think the density of agave nectar is 1.5g per 1ml

so blend 6g distillate to 460g agave nectar
(this will give you 50, 100mg 5ml doses. Want to pour 300mg just do 15ml or 1 TBSP)

I would preheat it on your hot plate to around 140f (actual agave temp) and the distillate to the same or hotter then get your homogenizer up to full speed (25k rpm +) and dump the distillate into the agave right on the rotor stator. blend for 30 seconds.

after this I like to throw a stir bar in and just get it spinning and mixing to dissolve the froth

it is now ready to use 5ml = 100mg

here u go heres a label

add a few drops of purple food coloring or some sugarless grape kool aid mix for the purple color


Thanks for all this bro going to order my homogeniser in a week or so when I get paid!!! Il be in touch for some help should I run into any problems along the way! Appreciate the help a lot means alot sound bro!!

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Is agave syrup the same thing?

wow @Tom deserves a free case of lean for all of that, just did the whole damn thing for you :joy:


Thanks for posting your tek.
Any input how long it usualky takes for your mix to seperate using a homogenizer?
I tried this tonight and already see seperation although i only have a stir hot plate at the moment. Plan on getting a homogenizer if it stays emulsified long enough.
Thanks in advance for your answer!

its a difficult infusion

Ive made that recipe many times and then I inject 5ml into each lemonade

it will fall out of solution overnight but a quick shake gets it right back in customer do not seem to mind. Shelf life 30 days. Ive seen one a year old and it was fine but I would shoot for way less. but this is with lemonade so its naturally low ph


I appreciate your reply.
Im in cali if your asking me


It’s a passion then :facepunch:

Slabby, I DM’d you my method since OP seems like a douche…